Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers are the best friends
The loving mentors, loyal guides, kind protectors
Brave heroes who are valorous
Children seeing the world in their fathers
Seeing love in their Father’s
Eyes, ways, plays, hoping to be likewise
Following in their foot steps
To be just like them
To be as honorable and just like
The best man they know
Being as kind, loving, faithful to others
As selfless, serving others with
Kindness, raising their children opening their hearts
With love when they fell
When they cried over little bruises as
They cried over not having
Their own way, when they don’t understand
What is right and wrong
Giving their all for children
Who will grow up being amazed at
The wonderous of their Fathers
Both Heavenly and earthly, hoping to be
More like them in spirit
More like them in actions, and ways.
Thank the Lord for Fathers
Who aren’t perfect, yet they are perfect
Thank the Lord for being
Our forgiving, gracious, loving, Heavenly Father
Thank the Lord for giving
Us our Fathers who are our heroes

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
Hope all you Fathers out there have a great day!

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