A Farmer’s, market life.

Farmers pray that their crops
will be bountiful and will have rain
that their crops will grow
pray that they’ll sell at the market.

Farmers watch their crops grow,
watch as it rains on their crops
giving nutrients then they watch
their crops be harvested
they watch as their customers leave happy

Farmers watch as their children
Play in the fields as crops grow
They watch their children grow-up
Watching the crops in amazement as they grew
They teach their children to
respect God and the land he gave
to them to farm and nurture
They took their children to the market

Farmers praise God for rain
They praise God for the harvest as
They sit under a tent
Selling their crops while their children play
In the shade they praise
God for the market and their children

They sell the harvests at
The market, their corn, their potatoes, and
Their carrots, and their lettuce,

Sitting under their tents they
Watch people look at their produce,
Picking the best of the best
They pray that the people buying the
Produce are blessed by them.

They help the people who come to
Them find what they’re looking
For, and sometimes more than they thought
Needed, like love from God

They watch their children become
Farmers and wives following in their footsteps
First going to the market
Then teaching their children how to prepare
For the market and to
Follow God, to grow their crops and
How to help people find
What they needed even if they didn’t
Know they needed the Lord.

And that he was the only reason that
The market started every year
That He’s the only reason that the market’s possible.

I wrote this poem for a contest over on Noble Novels, and I got third place in the category I entered! Which was really cool, but what was even better was getting feedback from one of my favorite authors, C.R. Hedgcock!

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