Book review, GIVEAWAY, and Blog Tour of Through All Things by Malachi Cyr

My Review

Genre: Christian, Historical fiction.
My Rating: 7 Stars. (What can I say? I looooovveed this book!)
Recommendation: Anyone, who likes historical, adventure, and great writing.
My favorite character/s: Allen, is one of the best characters I have read about lately, (haven’t been finding any good books to read for awhile. 😦 ) I’d say more but would probably end up giving away a spoiler!
My Verse for Allen is Psalm 84:5
Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of them. King James Version.

My thoughts: So, often I find books by people who claim they are Christian authors, yet I read their books and find that they only claim that they write Christian books. Malachi is a Christian, yet does not claim to write Christian books, he writes out his faith. Through All Things is a great book, I loved how you see the characters’ faith grow, letting you see Malachi’s wish to honor and glorify God with his writing. I really hope you give Through All Things a try!

I received this book in exchange for my honest review. (And I am truly happy to provide it! 🙂 )


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About the book:

Loved ones must be rescued. His brothers depend on him for survival. The trail behind him is already stained with pain and loss.
Allen is only seventeen, but tragedy and a strong sense of duty already weigh on his shoulders. As the French and Indians wage brutal warfare on the English settlers, Allen embarks on a treacherous journey to free his captive sister and her friend.
With little hope of survival and even less for success, Allen knows he needs God to do the impossible. But if God is able to do all things, why does everything seem to be going wrong?

About Malachi:

Malachi is a Christian, homeschooled teenager who highly enjoys putting the stories from his imagination down on paper.
He enjoys reading, writing, airsofting, sword fighting, frizbee, woodworking, Bible studies, working with his Dad, hiking, camping, generally doing stuff with his friends, and too many other things to count.

He writes to
1. Glorify and honor God in his stories.
2. Make the stories that he’s played up in his head come to life.
3. Have fun.

Where you will find him:

Blog: Brainstorms with Rain
Goodreads: Malachi Cyr
Generation Rising: Malachi Cy

Note for International readers you will enter to win a $20 amazon eGift card and a Kindle copy of Through All Things

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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