The Tapestry Spotlight

The Tapestry Historical Fiction by MaryAnn Minatra

From Tennessee battlefields to the White House itself, this sweeping Civil War epic traces the lives of two brothers–linked by only a broken locket, the people who loved them, and the triumph of faithful prayer.
“I was literally unable to put The Tapestry down. My husband, Steve, and  were backstage preparing for a concert, and I was feverishly trying to finish the book before the concert started. I simply couldn’t wait to see how it all ended!”–Annie Chapman author and recording artist
Christian Bestseller List 1998

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6 thoughts on “The Tapestry Spotlight

  1. Cool! I was looking at the second book of the series and there was something a bit disturbing sounding in the second book…Minatra continues the fine tradition of historic fiction that made The Tapestry such a success, with the spellbinding story of the Alcott family. After young Andy Alcott, a mate on a British merchant vessel, is badly injured during a brawl in New Orleans, he spends months recuperating at the home of his great uncle–and finds himself falling in love with his host's young wife.Have you read the second book? The part about someone falling in love with someone else's wife is a bit disturbing…The first book looks good though. What are your thoughts?


  2. Yes, I have read the second book as well. This is kind of a spoiler…I feel that Andy was set up by his Uncle.I will say that it was not the best of the series, but it was OK. And in the beginning and end of the book there are some things I wouldn't read unless 16+ (or maybe ask someone you trust to read it before you do.), but it was not because of the characters that fell in love. How Minatra did was different… with how Andy fell in love with another man's wife, nothing inappropriate happens between them though.


  3. Your welcome!I would love to do a review, but it would probably not be until next month that I would be able to do the review, if you would be OK with that. It looks really interesting!


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