The Heirloom

The Heirloom Historical Fiction Novel by MaryAnn Minatra
Ben Alcott’s thirst for adventure propels him to the skies above the Western front. But brash confidence turns to a struggle for survival when he s downed behind enemy lines–and left to wonder about a budding romance in France.
Kate’s determination to break away from the Alcott legacy of faith prompts her to set sail for Europe as a war journalist. But the surprise attack on the Lusitania leaves her uncertain whether her stubborn spirit can overcome the trials ahead.
Far from America, Ben and Kate come face-to-face with the very things they left home to escape. Only this time, their choices will unknowingly become the treasure of future generations . . .

6 thoughts on “The Heirloom

  1. Real quick question about this series. Recently almost every book I've gotten from the library I've had to send back because of inappropriate content. Is there anything like that in these books? They look really good and I want to be able to read them.


  2. I personally think that there are some parts that border on inappropriate with the characters' words in the second book, one of the minor characters in the beginning of the second book wasn't in a good place before she got saved, and there was a character who was really crude. The books never go into detail of what happened or happens though, I recommend that you read the second carefully it never gets inappropriate but things are suggested by unsaved characters. The first and third are good though there are some parts where how they talk is slightly inappropriate.


  3. Thanks Kayley! The first and third books look really interesting. I'm especially excited about reading the first because of the Civil War Topics. Thanks for getting back to me! I love finding wholesome books to read. Thanks for doing these reviews.


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