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Today is the second day of my blog launch! What is happening today: A character interview on Julia’s blog!! Then you could come back and find another interview with three of the main characters in my WIP!

Don’t forget the GIVEAWAY!!! (click “giveaway” to enter.) My amazing Mom donated a book lovers tee shirt from her (@SalsaAndTea on Facebook and Etsy.), and I have made a cute (I think!) printable bookmark.


Before we get to the interview: I’ll tell you a bit about each character or the “behind the scenes” on these three!

Nathaniel’s Behind the Scenes *Sighing at his not cooperating with me it has gotten worse since I wrote the last chapter, and he still hasn’t recovered! I take a seat across from Nathaniel nodded to him,* “Good Day! I be Prince Nathaniel, fifth child of The King and Queen of Bellatrix, I be apprenticing under a team of the alike of my brothers. Tis’ not as easy to be royal as furthermost would presume it to be! Often times I wish that we remained not so observed by the country of our rule!

Olivia‘s Behind the Scenes *I smile and twist around to Olivia,* “Hi, I’m Olivia, I don’t like talking to people I don’t know but Michael said I can do this, I’m the sister of Oliver, the princes’ commander, and Oliver is normally right I’m not so sure right now though… Oliver and I are close even though we aren’t that close in age! I’m a Christian girl who loves helping others, and I hope to work at the Bellatrix Cafe soon!”

Liam’s Behind the Scenes *I nodded to the secretive Liam Tucker, adopted brother to the King of Bellatrix* “Hello, I’m Liam Tucker, adoptive uncle to the princes. I am also a captain in the Bellatrix military. I am a husband. son, brother, uncle, and pater.”

Q: How would you describe each other?

O’s A: Smiling she said, “Nathaniel is one of the most loyal and kind men I’ve met. He’s always there for me when I need help and is like a brother to me. Liam is a lot like my brother Oliver, and he’s often mysterious.”

N’s A: Shaking his head at being the center of attention, “Olivia ‘tis a most charming lady and pleased be I to have her as a sister-in-law. Liam ‘tis like a brother more than an uncle and is, as Olivia said, somewhat mysterious!

L’s A: “Well, I’m glad to know that you to think I’m mysterious! Olivia is a sweet young woman and reminds me of my little sister. Nathaniel is the oddest nephew out of all nephews. (I mean this with no offense, Nathaniel!)” Liam nodded towards Nathaniel who was sitting back with a smirk.


Q: What is your favorite color?

O’s A:Light blue, white, and grey are my favorite colors. Mostly because I love winter.” Olivia said with a soft shy smile.

N’s A:Gamboge ’tis the color I most favor.”

L’s A “I don’t know, though my eldest son would say orange.”


Q: What is your middle name?

O’s A “Gabriella after my Mater.”

N’s A “Marcus.”

L’s A “Zachariah, and it may have been my birth pater’s first name.” Liam said with an undertone of sadness.


Q: What is it you want to do when you get a chance to rest?

O’s A “I play the piano, I have played since I was four, my Pater taught me. Every day from the time I was four until I turned seventeen when he said that I was better than he was and that he could not teach me anything else.” Looks off into the distance remembering.

N’s A “‘Tis be my greatest enjoyment to craft poems of all subjects supposable when I be free of duty.”

L’s A Shaking his head at Nathaniel’s wording, Liam answered, “I like to rest with a good book, especially my Bible.”


Q: Favorite food?

O’s A ‘My favorite food is chocolate coffee cake dunked in a hot cup of coffee.” Smiles when handed a cup of coffee.

N’s A “I most delight in baked chicken, with mashed potatoes, and greens.” He is handed a plate of food as he just described, “‘Tis thankful I be!”

L’s A “Homemade pizza, topped with onions, peppers, bacon, and chicken with bbq sauce.” Nods his thanks as he is handed a piece of his wife’s pizza.

A fun game for today is: You comment with a question or questions you have for Olivia, Nathaniel, or Liam and they will be answered!

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Thank you for coming to the interview, be sure to comment with questions for the characters and enter the giveaway!!!

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