Blog Launch: First Chapters of TWO WsIP!

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Today you get to read two chapters of two my WsIP! (Man, am I nervous!)

Warning the prologue is on “Behind the Scenes”!

Chapter 1 of Mission: Peace Protection (Book I in the Bellatrix Royal Family Saga)

~Bellatrix City, Bellatrix Rails, July 15th 0900 hrs.~

I trailed behind my older brother Nicholas down the stairway of Bellatrix Rails. Pondering why I of all obtainable persons had been preferred to be my brother Michael’s replacement as Nicholas’s partner. It wasn’t like we (Nicholas and I, that is) persisted as all that great of friends, as a substance of facts we seldom approve of anything alike. Like when I entreated to be allowed to go to Bellatrix medicinal institute, Nicholas told me it was a needless waste of anyone’s (meaning I: Nathaniel, that is) time and our Pater’s money. We still don’t principally care for each other now. Or listen to each other… It has gotten more inferior since Michael perished from a sniper’s bullet, leaving behind his wife and unborn baby, “Nicholas, have you ever thought of how Michael would have acted as a father?”
Nicholas continued leading us to the tracks of the Bellatrix Rails, “What do you mean Natty?”
“In our great past you diagnosed that I don’t like to be dubbed with the childish name Natty, and so delight in using it, I kindheartedly inquire that you desist in using Natty at the time that you are conversing with me myself. By which of what I question of Michael is would he have been a compassionate, or a strict Pater?” I watched as Nicholas fisted his hand and spun around.
“I don’t know, and I don’t want to talk or think about Michael, Olivia, or the baby.” Nicholas pushed me back, before treading away, almost successively running into a man. I rushed to the man’s side assisting him in regaining his satchel that had fallen from his wheelchair.
“I’m so regretful, Sir, I’m sure my brother is remorseful as well!” I glowered at Nicholas who continued to gawk at the scars lining the man’s face, arms, and hands. I returned the man’s portable cup as the brothers’ escort came to their side.
“It’s not your fault,” Beholding us, the Princes, the man opened and closed his mouth numerous times before he rambling under his breath something that sounded like he was expressing his gratitude.
“Sir, are you well?”
“I am around your age, Your Highness I should be the one to call you sir. I will be fine at some time.” The young man who now that I beheld closer I could see the pain in his eyes, not only physically, but emotionally as well.
“I perceive that you are not in that well of health, sir. Please let us offer you our assistance. It was our fault nevertheless.” I saw the indecision in his eyes, eyes that were very forthcoming with the man’s feelings. “Will you at the very least express to us your name and residence?”
“My name is Mic True. I live with my brother-in-law Oliver Noel on Libertas Royal Row, house Seventeen. He is a soldier, so he’s not home all that much, and I was waiting for him to pick me up when his Highness ran into me.”
“Would you be keen on allowing us to drive you to wherever you require to be? We’ve only now arisen from the Rails, since Nobilis and we’ve someone picking us up.” I offered kindly, “To be undisputable it wouldn’t be out of our way at all together.”
“Thank you, Prince Nathaniel. I will be fine; Oliver is coming to pick me up.” Mic started to shove away once Camden Hayes, the son of Saul Hayes; the head of security and my Pater’s best friend since he came to work for our grandparents as a security guard. Camden had remained Michael’s best friend and guard until his demise after which he took over the guarding of Michael’s twin Nicholas, came to stand by him.
“Excuse me,” Mic stopped turning his wheelchair wheels when Camden stepped in front of him. “What happened, Prince Nicholas?”
“It be naught, Camden!” I quipped brightly, “Tis only a matter of mine and Nicholas not observing where we be going and running into this gentleman.”
“Of course,” Camden said stepping out of the way of Mic.
“So, Nicholas, are you quite complete being of irritation and agony to the ones about you?” I asked with false flippancy. “You’ve the furthermost harsh expression upon your face!”
“Excuse me, sirs.” Camden said bowing as he followed behind Mic.

What did you think? Should I work on this series for NaNoWriMo? Which character stands out the most to you?

To Xander. With Love, Hanna.

Chapter I of To Xander. With Love, Hanna.

Xander ripped open the letter from his sister reading.
“To Xander,
If you’re reading this, I found it! But if you’re reading this that also means that someone else knows I found it, and I might be in a bit of danger. Go to Cliff Run, you know the place we’d go to as kids? Once there look under the old canoe we played on every time we went down, there is a map to where I put it, and another letter telling you how to find Oakland Jr. He knows everything about what I was doing, and he was a friend of Dad’s, he’s also been like an uncle to me since I moved out here. He will give you everything you need to find me. I hope that you never read this letter, but if it’s the Lord’s Will, you will. I pray for your safety daily.
With Love,
P.S. Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”
Xander laid the letter on the table trying to think why the name Oakland Jr. sounded familiar as he packed a bag with clothes, snacks, his Bible (that his Dad gave him before his death two years before his sixteenth birthday), two books, and his wallet.
He quickly hit speed dial on his phone, and when a woman answered he said, “Hi, Mama! I am going out of town for a while … I’m sorry for the short notice … yes, Mama, I’ll drive carefully … I’m not sure … Okay, I love you too. Stay safe.”
He walked out of the house, putting his bag in the trunk of his Jeep he prayed that it would get him to Cliff Run without breaking down.
“Lord please be with Hanna, wherever she is, please keep her safe. Thank You for my little sister, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.”
~ * ~
Oakland Jr. watched a Jeep pull into his driveway. He went to the front porch as a young man got out of the driver side door, “Xander, I assume?” the blond-haired young man nodded. “You look just like your sister.”
“So, we’re told. Where is Hanna? Why did she send me this letter? And how does she know you?” Xander demanded.
Well, Xander, you have your sister’s stubbornest to. Or more likely your Dad’s. Wonder what he would say about that, thought Oakland.

What did you think? Which character stands out the most to you?


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  1. Okay so WWOOOOOOOOOWWWWW I LOVED YOUR CHAPTERS!!!! They are like so much amazingness. You must write both of them!!!!! 😄😄😄❤❤
    (P.S. One of my followers wanted to know if your giveaway was international. Is it? You never said if it was or not.)

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