Little bit of writing.

So, this is something I did months ago! (Warning: It is unedited, old and out of date!)


Michael left his family behind for their safety, he left them to keep them alive, to protect them from Carbin.
Nicholas left his family behind because of the pain of Michael’s death, to leave behind the pain he felt.
L.J. never wanted to be king, so he left, to get away from his inheritance, hoping to escape.
Nathaniel wanted love, he left to find a girl who’d love him for himself, not his family.
Nicole didn’t want to be a princess yet, so she left, to escape being a princess.
Milkayla felt betrayed by family, she left to leave behind her family, she misses them.
Mae didn’t want to be hurt like Olivia was, she left before she could.
Mackie was left behind, he was fine until he couldn’t take it anymore.
Kenzie pretended she didn’t care, but she did more than you know.
Millee didn’t leave like the others she saw what others didn’t.
Lillie understood why her siblings left when she got older.
Levi let his children go, he kept spies though.
Allie mourned her children hoping against hope.
Would they find their way home?
Will their return be soon?
Or not at all?
Having hope’s harder.
And harder.
That’s all.
They have sometimes.
For their children’s return.
That they will, ever return.
Will they return after finding whatever?
They are looking in the wrong places.
For what it is they are searching for.
Or will they continue the wrong way forever after?
Hope’s the only thing left, hope for their children’s return.
Will the Truces’ find peace and comfort from what they run?
Coming home after such a long time gone from home they’d been.
Mackie would be fine coming home after such time gone as he was.
Mae wouldn’t be hurt like Olivia after she found a protecting love that hurt.
Milkayla wasn’t betrayed like she thought, she had been, by family who was protecting her.
Nicole became a princess, better then she thought she’d be, a princess like her family knew.
Nathaniel’s wife loved him, himself not his family, even if they didn’t get along at first sight.
L.J. wouldn’t be king, yet he would have his inheritance as was right, he would be a prince.
Nicholas’ pain eased, after some time, truth eased his pain more than time had a truth hidden many years.
Michael’s sacrifice saved his family, yet they wanted him more than they wanted safely, more than they wanted Carbin caught.

This is no longer accurate since I’ve made a lot of changes to my series but I would love to know what you thought of it!

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