My Birthday, GIVEAWAY, an Interview and a Black Friday Sale!

Today is my birthday and what better way to celebrate than to share on an Indie Author sale from Black Friday until Cyber Monday! But not only am I sharing about the sale I am also sharing about the GIVEAWAY going on!

About the Sale!

There are over 150 titles available and they are all either $.99 or FREE! There are also a long list of paperbacks for sale at incredibly discounted prices as well! And the good news is they are all clean reads!

About the GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway runs from November 22nd till November 26th @12AM ET Grand prize open to US winners only. 2nd place prize is open Internationally.

Grand Prize winner receives 20 paperbacks and the 2nd place winner gets 20 e-book titles from the sale for free!

2nd Place Winner Receives Ebooks 20

Gather Round the Fables by Erika Matthews
The Case of the Tabloid Tattler by Perry Kirkpatrick AudioBook
The Twelve Cats of Christmas by Perry Kirkpatrick Audiobook
Coffee Shop Christmas Ebook by Ryana Lynn Miller
The Land of Cotton ebook by Ryana Lynn Miller
Entertaining Angels, Entertaining Angels Book 1 by Emerald Barnes
Secret’s Kept by Jennette Mbewe
The Firethorn Crown by Lea Doue
Beyond Broken Pencils by Julie C. Gilbert
Ashlynn’s Dreams by Julie C. Gilbert
Soldier On by Vanessa Rasanen
Burning Rose by Hope Ann
Iced and Nailed by Avery Daniels
Imani Earns Her Cape by Bokerah Brumley
October by J. Grace Pennington
Disowned by Sarah Addison Fox
My Compass Home by Michaela Bush
Summer Shadows and Necessary Evil by Killarney Traynor

Grand Prize Winner Receives Paperbacks (20)

Mythical Doorways by Jenelle Schmidt
Faith is the Victory by Faith Blum
Kiera by Kate Willis
Because Anonymous by Diana L. Sharples
After: Book One in The Neverway Chronicles by Savannah Jezowski
Specter: Book Two in The Neverway Chronicles by Savannah Jezowski
Leandra’s Enchanted Flute by Katy Huth Jones
Eagle Eyes by Tammy Lash
London in the Dark by Victoria Lynn   
When Beauty Blooms by Victoria Lynn
Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset by Sarah Ashwood
Iced and Nailed by Avery Daniels
There Was Always Laughter in Our House by Sarah Holman
Bridgers: A Parable (paperback) by Angie Thompson
Love Blind (paperback) by Angie Thompson
Code by Angie Thompson
Christmas Eve at the Backdoor by Rebekah Morris
The Seven Drawers by Kendra E. Ardnek
He’s Making Diamonds: A Teen’s Thoughts on Faith Through Chronic Illness by Sara Willoughby

Interview with Kate Willis!

What was the first story you completed?

I’m pretty sure my movie-script-turned-epic-and-tragic-love-story “The Secret of the Kingdom” was the very first rough draft I made it to the end of at age eleven or thirteen. Obviously, that story will never see the light of day (*cringes at everything I can remember of it*), so the first story I finished to my satisfaction was The Treasure Hunt, my first book. 😉

Who is your biggest inspiration when you write?
My family is my biggest inspiration. All of my stories, medieval, sci-fi, contemporary, you name it, have an element of family life in them, and I study the interactions of my loved ones (especially my little nephews) and infuse them into my writing. I also study random strangers, but this can get awkward, so don’t try it at home. 😉

Jesus Christ and what He has done for me is also a big inspiration. Whether I consciously want to or not, Biblical themes find their way into my stories and often learn through writing them.

Of the books you have published, which is your favorite?
Oh, wow, this is like choosing between children. O.o. 😉 I’d have to go with my most recent novel Kiera, because #1, it’s my first full-length novel!! 😀 😀 And #2, the themes are very close to my heart and I love the characters.

And of my current WIPs, “Imperfect” is my favorite. It’s giving me the least trouble, and I (currently) love everything about it. 😀

Out of all your characters which is your least favorite?
That’s actually a really hard question… I’ll have to go with Drewin from The Twin Arrows, but I barely dislike him. (And I have cool plans for him, so…)

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
I really love celebrating Advent with my family. Each segment of the celebration builds toward the manger and helps keep me centered on the true reason for our celebration, Immanuel. 🙂 Also, we usually eat cookies, sing songs together, and generally have a precious family time.

Thanks so much for having me and asking such original, interesting questions!

Kate’s bio: 

Kate Willis has been homeschooled her whole life in a loving family that values the Gospel of Jesus Christ, creativity, and thoughtful conversations. She is inspired by red shoes, a good story, little children, and chai tea. It is her desire to serve God in the home having a family of her own in the future. She is the author of The Treasure HuntThe Twin ArrowsKiera, and two short stories Enjoy the Poodle Skirt and Red Boots.  

Some of the Participating Authors that I’ve enjoyed books by or hope to read their books!

Kate Willis (I’ve read a few of her short stories and Kiera which I may or may not review sometime!)
Malachi Cyr (Malachi is my favorite author of the era that he wrote Through All Things!)
Angela Watts (I get to read her book soon for her blog tour!)
Jaye L. Knight (Most favorite series ever and reviewing the series soon! But you really should read them! Like yesterday!)
Faith Blum (I reviewed her Lo, How A Rose, and I have read others books by her that are great and she is an encouraging writer!)
Abigayle Claire (Martin Hospitality is awesome!)
Rebekah A. Morris (Is one of my favorite authors and I believe I have almost read each and every one of her published stories! I’ll be doing a few reviews on her Christmas stories in December! My favorite of hers is Gift from the Storm!)
Sarah Monzon (Her All of You is amazing! And I should definitely do a review soon!)
Victoria Lynn ( I got Bound and London in the Dark for my birthday last year, and I got When Beauty Blooms to review for its blog tour. Each book is wonderful!)

Kendra E. Ardnek (I’ve read a couple of her books and enjoyed them even though they aren’t my favorite genre.)
Laura Guenot (I love reading what she posts on her blog and hope to read the book she has out soon!)
Tricia Mingerink (I’ve read all of her books and will be reviewing them soon! Hint: You need to read them. Reviews on this series starting December with the most recent book, and moving backward through the series!)
Kellyn Roth (I’ve read almost all of Kell’s books but haven’t reviewed them… Which I’m very sorry for, and hope to fix soon! But you can know that they are awesome books, and Kell is my favorite historical author!)
Kelsey Bryant (I read and reviewed Suit And Suitability.)
Sarah Holman ( I think I’ve read all but maybe five of her books, and I’ve reviewed Kate’s InnocenceKate’s CapitolKate’s DilemmaAdmirableBefriendedCeaselessDefined, There Was Always Laughter In Our House, and Emmeline.)
Rebekah Jones (I reviewed her book Presumption and Partiality for CelebrateLit a few months ago.
Faith Potts (I reviewed her book Love Needs No Words a while back! And I beta-read Behold and will review that this coming month!)
Sara Willoughby (I hope to read her book and she is a sweet girl!)
And there are many more authors doing this sale that I’m sure you should check out! I sure will be!
What did you do on Black Friday? 

6 responses to “My Birthday, GIVEAWAY, an Interview and a Black Friday Sale!”

  1. Happy Birthday Kaylee! 🙂 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for having me, Kaylee! I loved your questions. 😉 Also, happy birthday!


  3. It was my pleasure! Thank you for letting me interview you! And thanks!


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