200th post and a Street Team!?!

I can not believe that I have been blogging a little over a year! And now I have not one but two and a half blogs! (That half really counts!) This one, K’sKOW2.0, and TTR which I half own and share with my brother even though we only have two posts on it. (I’m working on getting him in front of a camera for a live video… but he’s being stubborn!)
Now I am working on getting up a Facebook Street team! (Would you want to be part of it? If so comment below!)
And I have like a million WsIP… You want to know more? I’ll be sharing soon!

I stopped NaNoWriMO because I had to focus on other things like blogging, and editing. 😦
I have had in total:
Blog views: 12,800 on both of my blogs!
Comments: 343 on both my blogs!
Followers: 45 plus on both my blogs!
Thank you so much EVERYONE who has supported me the last 1 year, 1 month, 1 day, 20 hours, and 30 seconds!

4 responses to “200th post and a Street Team!?!”

  1. CONGRATS, KAYLEE! =D I'd love to be a part of your street team, too!


  2. Thank you, Angela! Yay!!!


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