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Wendesday Writes: Writing Prompt.

Noel: Use the definition of noel in your story.

Christ’s Birth: Use the words Christ’s Birth in your story.

Joyful: Use words that rhyme with joyful in your story.

Natalie: Have a character named Natalie in your story.

Sixteen: Have a character age sixteen years in your story.

Hot Chocolate: Have hot chocolate in your story. (It can be any kind of hot chocolate you want.)

Bible: Have the Bible in your story.

Merry: Have a character say “Merry” in your story.

If you post or publish a story with my “Write Now” prompts please credit Kaylee’s Kind Of Writes 2.0.


One response to “Wendesday Writes: Writing Prompt.”

  1. What if I was going to use some of those ideas anyhow, not that I am to the best of my current knowledge, I suppose that is what come of writing fantasy.

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