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Character Spotlight and Q&A: Michael!

Today I thought it might be a good idea to share a bit about my character, Michael!


(In the comments you can ask questions if you want! He may answer!)

I’ll let him take over from here!


Hello, all! I’m Michael, son of King Levi and Queen Alexandra of Bellatrix.

My Pater, (Dad.) never expected to be king, he was the second son of the former king and my Grandpater, Lukolas Truce, abdicated and my Uncle Lawerance became king after him. My uncle Law died a year after he became king. My twin and I were born on the same day that our Uncle died. Which through slightly creepy is mostly sad. Our birthday has always been bittersweet for Pater.

Anyway, on to something a little happier! I am about to approach my Pater for permission to marry a daughter of an old friend of my Pater.


As my author said you can ask any questions in the comments and I may answer.



2 responses to “Character Spotlight and Q&A: Michael!”

  1. How old are you? Do you forsee trouble with your pater about your marriage? What is your twin’s name?

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    1. Thank you, Miss Lynn, for reading and joining me for my Q&A!
      I am almost 21-years-old. My Pater is not one who likes to put his foot down about something, but I suspected he may put his foot down about me marrying the young lady I want to. My twin brother’s name is Nicholas Morris, and I am Michael Norris.

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