Blog Tour: Spotlight!

I have not read this book, and I’m not sure of the content. But the book was written by a young lady in one of the writing communities I’m in, and a writing mentor of mine is hosting the blog tour!

About the book:
Catherine DeLacey lives in a world where mental and emotional traumas manifest as glass-like shards that grow inside of people’s chests. Faced with lives full of suffering, many turn to specialists to have their shards surgically removed.

Catherine’s shard is too large for even the most skilled surgeons to handle safely.

Unable to live with the agony any longer, Catherine plans to take her own life until a close friend tells her the story of a woman who had a similar shard removed successfully by a mysterious source. Armed with this new hope, Catherine sets out on her journey, but as her time runs out, that hope begins to die.

Will she find a way to remove her shard? Or will she give in to despair?


Goodreads Link:

Lindsi’s Bio:
Lindsi McIntyre is a linguaphile from Texas who hopes to use her words, both written and spoken, to bring glory to the Lord Most High. When not writing she can be found within the pages of a good book, or watching the latest episode of her favorite tv shows, and drinking way too much tea while doing both.

Lindsi’s website/blog:

Blog Tour Schedule:
Tuesday, January 1st – Cover Reveal
Wednesday, January 2nd – Book Spotlight & Review
Thursday, January 3rd – ​Melissa Chan Guest Post
Friday, January 4th – Author Interview
Saturday, January 5th – Book Spotlight -Book Spotlight
Sunday, January 6th – Book Review
Monday, January 7th – Book Review
Winner has the chance to win one gorgeous wooden bookmark (pictured in rafflecopter form). And their choice of one t-shirt from Literary Book Gifts, an online retailer that sells all sorts of bookish goodies. Send the readers to this link to enter the giveaway:

5 responses to “Blog Tour: Spotlight!”

  1. I’ll probably never read it, but it sounds interesting.


    1. I’m hoping to read it, but it is a little different than what I normally read.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for being part of the tour!


    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for letting me be part of the tour!

      Liked by 1 person

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