Author Question: Gunshot Wound to the Torso

Well, can you guess what I’m writing now? This site is awesome for researching medical things!

Redwood's Medical Edge

Heather Asks:

If my hero gets shot in the torso, is there somewhere it can hit that won’t be fatal? It can be a “miraculous” miss, that kind of thing. He can be weakened and bleeding, but I just need him to stay conscious for maybe five to ten minutes after? Any ideas?

Jordyn Says:

Sure, there are always miracles.

In medicine we view the torso as including the chest and abdomen. Generally the diaphragm is the dividing line between the two. So the chest is everything above the diaphragm and the abdomen is everything below it.

Gunshot wounds to the chest not hitting anything is tough. Think about everything that’s there. The heart, lungs, major vessels and arteries. Can a bullet pass through and miss everything— or hit something less minor and just cause bleeding? Sure. Anything is possible. I would recommend staying away from the left…

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4 responses to “Author Question: Gunshot Wound to the Torso”

  1. Where has this site been all my writing life?

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    1. It is an awesome site!


  2. *gasp* Thank you so much for sharing! This looks like an amazing site!!

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    1. You’re most welcome! Yes, it is!

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