Poem- Glimmering Snowflake

Check out this snow poem a writer friend wrote! I’m getting snow right now, how about you?!

5 responses to “Poem- Glimmering Snowflake”

  1. Ackk we have this cycle right now of snow and then rain and then ice and then wind and then repeat xP We had a 40 degree day last week, we’re going to have a -30 degree day tomorrow, and another 40 degree day next week! Talk about temperature swings -_- Everything is shutting down haha xD Awesome poem!


  2. Aww, you’re so sweet reblogging this! Thank you! 😊❤


  3. Very, very nice poem!! I really like it!!

    I don’t like snow too much. It’s way too cold. And we get enough when it’s just once a year.

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    1. Yes, it is a nice poem!

      That’s sad that you don’t like snow!

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      1. I know, it probably is! XD!

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