Check This Out!

I hope everyone is having a great day!

I would love it if after you read my post today you would hop on over to my >little sister’s blog<

But anyway here is a guest post I posted on my sister EJ’s blog!

Hello there!

I am A. Kaylee author over at A. Kaylee’s Kind Of Writes!

And today I am introducing my little sister EJ’s blog, which is where you are now!

My little sister is just waiting for her birthday to start blogging and she got me to help her design her blog, and I decided that I would surprise her with it on her birthday which is later this month.

So, I was hoping that you would be kind enough to give her a follow and wish her a happy birthday!

A bit about EJ from me: EJ is a sweet caring girl, she loves to do all sorts of crafts especially needle felting. She also loves to spend the day in the kitchen, baking, cooking and even cleaning.


Thanks for stopping by ~ A. Kaylee.

Thanks for reading!

Do you have a blog? Or do you have a sibling that does?

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