A Brother’s Promise ~ Interview!

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Hello, and welcome! Today, I am sharing the first official interview with the cast of characters from my WIP A Brother’s Promise, which is now at 14,099 words and counting! It has been one of several projects I’ve been working on this month for Camp NaNoWriMo.


So, without further ado here’s the interview!


Kassie ~ Matthew:

Do you ever think being a doctor is too crazy? Or do you always like it? Why?

Yes, I do often think being a doctor is too crazy, especially when rushing to care for person to person in a large city. I still enjoy caring for people.


Liz ~ Matthew:

How did you decide to become a doctor?

When I was a kid and my younger brother tried and failed to save a wounded deer. I saw how much care it took and how kind he was and wanted to be able to help people the same way. Childish, I know.


What’s your ideal vacation?

One with snow on the ground. *wonders what a vacation is* *remembers all the vacations his family took as a kid*


Kassie ~ Mark:

What is the longest thing you’ve ever written?

As a ten-year-old boy, I wrote a story about a Christmas tree that grew up to be brutely murdered by a logger. *sighs* It was very sad and quite, um, embarrassing.


Pens, pencils, or a computer? (to write with)

Pencils! It’s easier to feel the emotion behind my words when I write with pencils. (Though my author prefers pens, it’s somewhat saddening that she writes my family’s story on her laptop and by pen.)


Liz ~ Mark:

What is your favorite subject to write about?

Mostly non-fiction. But only because that’s all that I write as of now. Huh, I should try my hand at poetry . . . The sun is shining and I’m . . . Nope, I have no future as a poet. *mock sighs*


Do you prefer sunny or rainy days?

Sunny, rain is the something I wish I could do without. Rain is something I always expect to see with my brother, Matthew.


Kassie ~ Luke:

What’s your favorite part about raising Ally?

Seeing the joy she has at every tiny thing.


Liz ~ Luke:

What’s the hardest thing about raising a little girl?

Accepting that she isn’t going to behave all of the time. And that she’ll throw a terrible fit for such a sweet and caring girl who in an instant will fight to get her way.


What’s your favorite Bible verse?

Psalm 30:5 ~ For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.


Kassie ~ Ally:

Do you have to feed your rabbit?

We feed him rabbit food. *frowns and whispers to Luke* ‘Hat a dunny question. (Translation: That’s a funny question. Forgive me, Ally is not in a good mood today.)


What’s your favorite thing to do with your Uncle Luke?

Me like to play width him.


Liz ~ Ally:

What’s your rabbit’s name?

*perks up and giggles* Fluffley! Him is ute! (Translation: Fluff, he is cute.)


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Me wanna be a doctoooooor like me Unc Matty! *states this as though it should be obvious*


That’s all for today! Did you like this interview? Would you like to see a snippet of A Brother’s Promise?

2 responses to “A Brother’s Promise ~ Interview!”

  1. Loved this interview! I’m so excited to read more 🙂 These characters though ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, I’m glad! ❤ Thanks, I'm working on it as much as I can though I've had a slight pause for other projects. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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