Spotlight Saturday: Front Window

Front Window (The Hartfield Mysteries Book 4) by [Havig, Chautona]

About: Just home from her trip to California where, once again, Alexa Hartfield managed to find herself in suspicious circumstances, Alexa is ready for life to calm down. She has a wedding to attend, a wedding to plan, and an aunt to settle into her quiet Fairbury life.

But when Aunt Faye interrupts a trip out of the country because a neighbor was burglarized, it doesn’t bode well for the cozy, homey Christmas she’d planned.

Who is stealing from the residents of Fairbury’s retirement village, and how can Faye and her cronies prove it isn’t one of them?

Unheeded warnings produce dire consequences when one of the residents turns up dead, and things heat up when Faye’s new friend is at the top of the police’s investigation!

Front Window: What you see is what he gets.


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