Impulsive Book Reviews?!

Father, Forgive Them

About: Jonathan was happy that this blasphemer would die. His only regret was that the Romans, not his people, would carry out justice. Yet, his world is rocked with a few words spoken from the cross.
A 5,000 word short story



My Thoughts: This is a powerful short story of one man’s thoughts of Jesus’ crucifixion. While normally I stay away from books like this I highly recommend reading this story — even with younger readers.



If He Lives


About: In the month leading up to Easter, four friends are challenged with one question: What if we lived like Jesus really did rise from the dead?
A tale of faith, friendship, and the power of the Resurrection.



My Thoughts: Wow! This story may be short but it has quite an impactful lesson. Miss Holman did a wonderful job with her story that started with the question: what if we lived like Jesus really rose from the dead. It’s a short story that can be read in less than 30 minutes and a lesson you might remember all of your life.


Joseph of Arimathea: A Tale of the Resurrection

About: Joseph of Arimathea is a rich member of the Sanhedrin, yet something is missing from his life. At the advice of his closest friend, he seeks the teacher Jesus to see if he holds the answers he seeks. Little does he know the events that are about to unfold.

A 6,000 word short story about the first Easter




My Thoughts: This was a wonderful short story that had a familiar yet different parable that made an enjoyable read.


How have you liked my impulsive book reviews? Are they enjoyable or annoying? Happy Sunday!

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