1 DAY ONLY Book Sale I Had To Share About!!!

I haven’t read this series yet but I am hoping to very soon!


Copied from the author’s Facebook page!

Book 3 of “The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott” is less than $1 today only! For fans of “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” and other spy-comedies. https://amzn.to/2W0MZXX

She’s an accidental spy.
In Phoenix.
She lost valuable intel.
And she has the head-cold of the century.


Fifteen minutes had passed since Brent left the car. She sighed and peered outside again, hoping to see him approaching. Instead, she saw a dark SUV headed her way. She ducked down and froze.

That has to be them! Spies and bad guys always drive black SUVs!

Well, unless they’re Brent.

She raised her head cautiously and peeked again. The black vehicle rolled past the Subaru slowly, the heavily-tinted windows not allowing her to see even a silhouette of the driver. She held her breath as it passed the memory card’s hiding place.

The SUV kept going and she exhaled. It turned at the corner and the street was again quiet.

I’m so jumpy!

A knock on her window made her actually jump and give a little scream. She turned to find Brent staring down at her, an amused look on his face and her microwave in his arms. With shaking hands, she pressed the button for the power locks and opened her door.

“Don’t do that, Brent! You scared me!”
“Dreadfully sorry.”

She frowned at him, trying to determine if he looked more sorry or amused. It was a pretty even mixture of both, she finally decided.

“Clock’s ticking, Prepper. Let me put this thing in the back seat.”

“Sure! Of course, Agent Nighthawk,” she said, opening the rear passenger-side door for him, “go ahead and put my microwave in the back seat. Oh, and by the way… why on earth do you have my microwave?”

Brent winked and jogged around the car to his side. “C’mon. I’ll show you.”

Emily got back in, and Brent started up the Subaru. Making a U-turn, he brought the car alongside the Palo Verde tree in which he’d stashed the memory card. “Be right back,” he said. He retrieved the card and then opened the door to the back seat again. He pushed the release for the microwave door—the sound was familiar but quite out of place—and set the microSD card inside.

“There are no small slots in the microwave for that thing to fall into, right?” Emily asked.

Brent shook his head. “No, it will probably slide around, but I made sure there was nowhere for it to get stuck.” He got back into the car and made yet another U-turn to continue north to the interstate.

“So,” Emily said, shrugging as if it was an everyday occurrence, “we are traveling with the card in my microwave. This helps with the tracking problem how?”

“Faraday cage!” Brent exclaimed, glancing over at her with a wide, proud grin.

And for one day ONLY it is $0.99!!!


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