Book Review of The MISSadventure Brides Collection by Mary Davis; Cynthia Hickey; Kathleen E. Kovach; Debby Lee; Donna Schlachter; Marjorie Vawter; Kimberley Woodhouse


Love Is One of Life’s Greatest Adventures
Seven daring damsels don’t let the norms of their eras hold them back. Along the way these women attract the attention of men who admire their bravery and determination, but will they let love grow out of the adventures?

Along the Yellowstone River by Debby Lee
1832 Montana
Heather Duncan takes over her father’s fur trapping business, believing it’s an opportunity to also gain knowledge of medicinal plants, but a growing sympathy for animals and blossoming adoration for a rugged mountain man capture her heart.

MissTaken Identity by Kimberley Woodhouse
1883 Texas
Headstrong, bubbly, accident-prone Abigail Monroe is on a quest for adventure away from society’s expectations. But her pursuits are unexpectedly thwarted when she is arrested by a handsome Texas Ranger.

Lesson of Love by Cynthia Hickey
1885 Arkansas
City girl, Leah Ellison has big dreams but soon finds out that teaching in a backwards Ozark mountain community is far different than what she’d imagined.

Maddy’s Llamas by Marjorie Vawter
1898 Colorado
In spite of Maddy’s “missadventures” raising her llamas for their wool and strictly-by-the-book Harry’s attempts to get her to do things “right,” they learn to work together and find love in the laughter.

Zola’s Cross-Country Adventure by Mary Davis
1903 cross-country trip
Zola Calkin sets out on an adventure to be the first woman to drive across the country. Will the journalist tasked to report her presumed failure sabotage her efforts? Or will he steal her heart?

Detours of the Heart by Donna Schlachter
1925 New Mexico
A tour guide who wants to move on and a playboy who’s never had a place to call home—can they overcome their own plans and allow God to make their path straight, or will they take yet another detour?

Riders of the Painted Star by Kathleen E. Kovach
1936 Arizona
Zadie Fitzpatrick, an artist from New York, is commissioned to go on location in Arizona to paint illustrations for an author of western novels and falls for the male model.




My Review:

My Thoughts on Along the Yellowstone River by Debby Lee: This was sort of a hallmark like a story about trapping. It was cute with sweet characters. Though it was somewhat too fast I did enjoy it.

My Thoughts on MissTaken Identity by Kimberley Woodhouse: Um, adorably troublesome! That’s what this story was. The MISStaken identity was cute and funny. Plus it’s my favorite of the collection.

My Thoughts on Lesson of Love by Cynthia Hickey: This was a humorous little story that had a sweet romance that I hope to reread again.

My Thoughts on Maddy’s Llamas by Marjorie Vawter: This was a unique story — in a good way! It was also funny, enjoyable, and sweet.

My Thoughts on Zola’s Cross-Country Adventure by Mary Davis: Though I didn’t care for some of the attitudes in this story I loved the determination of the ladies and that ending was awesome!

My Thoughts on Detours of the Heart by Donna Schlachter: This was a cute and somewhat hilarious novella with how the characters kind of went back and forth with their feelings for each other. The plot was perfect and the characters interesting and the mystery was intriguing.

My Thoughts on Riders of the Painted Star by Kathleen E. Kovach: I’ve read westerns and I may have read a book with actors in it (though I don’t think so.) And I have read books with painters but this one was different and I loved it though the ending was fast paced.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review and am truly happy to provide it.

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