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The Peculiar Messenger

I am going to Realm Makers this month! I’m so excited, God is SO good, and I’m starting to realize how REAL it is. I’m going to meet so many fantastic friends, y’all! I’d appreciate prayers for my family and I as we prepare and travel and everything. ♥

But in order to buy books from friends there… I need to save up some more. So I’m doing an announcement for my writing services!

Do you have a small project that you need edited before the 17th? Do you want a first 10 page edit? Need blurb help or a consultation? I’m 100% open to chatting, planning, and scheduling before the conference. You can find pricing and testimonials here:

This is a first come, first serve opportunity! If you’re interested, any little job helps and I will give your project my all. If you don’t have a project, feel…

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