The 13 Reasons Why Blog Tour; Two Review & Two Interviews!

I have been waiting for this blog tour since I beta read Freedom, which I is a top five in indie reads for me this year. As is Beloved.

About Freedom:

Having just returned to American soil from the desert sands of the Middle East, James Greene is done with his life. ‘Double amputee’ doesn’t seem like a strong enough phrase to label the physical and emotional pain he bears. Add the lack of love and communication with his family members, the demons that haunt him day and night, and he can find nothing worth living for. Ending it all is the only way out. 

Alexandria Lorance is a not-so-ordinary physical therapist, content with aiding in her patients’ recoveries. Her work gives her fulfillment, but alone in the silence, she still endures the hidden scars of a past, unhealthy relationship. Reminding herself that true healing is found in Christ alone, she seeks to show kindness and love to everyone she meets.

When these two broken ones’ paths intersect, the spark of friendship is ignited, bringing hope and joy to both. Can they step out of the darkness of suffering and into the freedom of grace? 

A Marine, broken by war. A therapist, scarred by words. A chance meeting in a parking lot bonded them together. But can love grow in these two hurting hearts? Or are they truly too broken to ever find lasting happiness? 



About the author:

Saved by God’s grace, Faith Potts is a teenage writer and homeschool graduate, living with her family and beloved yellow labs in the North Carolina mountains. When she’s not weaving stories, consuming large amounts of coffee, reading stacks of books, or studying American Sign Language, she can be found laughing harder than is healthy, daydreaming, and—of course—blowing dandelions.





Interview with Faith

While writing Freedom what was the hardest thing for you to write or research?
Some of the hardest parts to write were the “in between” moments. Not the major highs or lows of the story, just the everyday happenings that held significance in some way and therefore needed to be told. For some reason, I struggle with those areas. 😛
As for difficult to research, it was time-consuming to figure out exactly how James’s physical recovery process should play out. This was due to lack of specific information available, though, because so much relating to amputation recovery depends on prior health and overall physical condition.

What gave you the idea to write Freedom?
Originally, the idea came from a brief tale I stumbled across on the internet one day, several years ago. Then, learning more about the suicide epidemic among our nation’s veterans spurred me on to finish and release the book.

What was a lesson you learned about yourself or your writing while writing Freedom?
That I’m a better writer than I thought I was. (Weird, I know.) More than once during the nearly four year process that brought Freedom to where it is today, I set the story aside to make progress on other projects. And each time, as I came back to Freedom, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I considered it good for the most part—which is not usually the case when I’m returning to a story.

If you lost your memory do you think you would still write?
Interesting question! Honestly, I’m not really sure. On one hand, I think I would because writing is how I best express myself. But then on the other hand, writing hasn’t always been apart of my life, so I don’t know if I would feel like something was missing there or not.

Will the next books in the series center around the same themes tackled in Freedom? 
In many areas, yes. The other books in the series won’t deal as much with suicide and PTSD, but each of the books will deal with finding freedom from something that enslaves you, whether that’s physical, mental, or emotional.

Now for a lighter question; do you like flip flops? I’ve noticed that they are mentioned in a couple of your stories.
*laughs* This question made me smile. Yes, I love flip flops. I literally wear them any month out of the year. My brother gave me a t-shirt that says “if I can’t wear my flip flops, I’ll just stay home.” Which…pretty much sums it up. xD

And lastly, what’s your favorite drink? (Tea, coffee, etc.)
Coffee. (No hesitation there.) Home brewed coffee, French press coffee, $5 Starbucks coffee, cheap gas station coffee… I’ll drink any and all, and do with frequency.

Thank you so much for doing this interview, Faith!


About Beloved:

Life without love is hopeless.

Foster teen Cara Richards is unloved. With nothing left and nowhere to go, she is determined to find peace, no matter the cost. But despite her intentions, she’s tossed into another foster family and this time, there’s no going back to who she used to be. To make matters worse, one of her five new foster brothers is a Jesus freak, and she refuses to believe that God actually cares.

Her world is thrown upside down in a way she never expects. Though she prides herself on a resilient heart, her mind is lost adrift among a sea of questions: Is death really the answer? Does God care about someone as unworthy as me? Can everyone truly be loved, no matter what?



About the author:

Kaitlyn is a farmer’s daughter and a born-again believer in Christ with an obsession for books and music. It is these obsessions that led her to write her own stories. Psalm 46:10 gives her inspiration, her brothers make her laugh, and there’s nothing quite like the excitement of opening an unread book for the first time. Her passion is to share the steadfast love of her Savior through the writing that takes up much of her free time, whether actual writing takes place or writer’s block, in which case she’s probably browsing Pinterest.





While writing Beloved what was the hardest thing for you to write or research?

The writing actually came super easy for me. The words just . . . flowed. Of course, there were some bits and pieces—and sometimes even entire scenes—that had to be removed later. But the writing part was fairly easy. The research . . . not so much. I never realized how difficult it was to accurately describe a place I’d never visited before, or how convoluted and inaccurate my medical knowledge was! Not to mention the foster care aspects, of course. I don’t know that I’ll ever be sure that I got every little detail right. But that’s okay—God works through imperfections, frustrating as they may be.

What gave you the idea to write Beloved?

A pin from Pinterest. Well, two, actually, but one in particular—a simple black background with the words ‘I’m the girl you never want’ in white. I’d been dealing with a bout of depression, and the words really hit home. That sparked the idea of writing a story about self worth and God’s love.

What was a lesson you learned about yourself or your writing while writing Beloved?

That I was actually capable of writing something coherent? *Smirks* Yeah, anyway, in all seriousness . . . while writing this book, I really found my identity in Christ. I still struggle with insecurity sometimes, I still struggle with doubt . . . but through it all, God is patient. Kind. Compassionate. Merciful. And becoming closer to Him is something I’ll never forget while working on Beloved.

If you lost your memory do you think you would still write?

If I could remember how, I probably would, haha! I feel like God has given me the stories in my heart for a reason. So whether or not I can remember anything, as long as God gives me stories to write, I’ll write ‘em.

And lastly, what’s your favorite drink? (Tea, coffee, etc.)

I know that since I’m a writer, I’m supposed to say coffee or tea. But honestly, I can’t stand either of them (unless the coffee has maple syrup in it, of course)! My favorite drink is milk, actually. It’s what I grew up on, and I’ve loved it ever since I was little. 😉

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Kaitlyn!




So, along withe the blog tour for these books the authors are also sharing reasons to live. And asked that we consider doing the same, and there are so many reasons but the one I’m sharing today is . . . Family. You see your family most likely cares and suicide doesn’t just take the person’s life it takes the life of a family.

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