Oops, Did I Forget The Reviews? Freedom And Beloved Reviews…

I made a mistake and completely forgot to put my reviews of Beloved and Freedom in my blog post a few days ago… So here they are!

My review of Beloved: Woah, woah, woah! All I knew when I signed up for this tour was that Kaitlyn was a blogger I followed, friends with Faith, was publishing a book with similar themes as in Freedom, and that it was a debut novel. I didn’t even read the blurb, which normally isn’t something I do. In this case I’m glad I didn’t since I may not have signed up to read it since I don’t read many books that have depressed younger characters, but this one? It was wonderful, the brokenness and the faith that grew throughout this debut novel were so heartbreaking and good! I highly recommend this book to 16/18 up.

My Review of Freedom:
I beta read this wonderful and heartbreaking novel for Faith and have been waiting for this book to come out since. And wow, wow, wow, wow! I forgot just how hard and good this book was. James, one of many men (and women) who struggle with PTSD, and also fight with suicidal thoughts and too many can’t find a way out. This novel shows how hard it is for the people struggling with PTSD and their families and loved ones. Freedom brings to light that there is another way – other than suicide. Faith’s previous works are great stories but this one is the best.
The characters are each broken in their own way and come from relatable and hurting pasts but it didn’t end there for them.
The theme of freedom in this book is so strong and it keeps coming back to freedom with God’s love but not in a preachy way.
Freedom is one of my new favorite books.
Since this book has such hard content the book is better for 16/18 up though I give it five stars, it deserves more but that’s impossible.

I received both of these books from the authors in exchange for my honest review — all of the thoughts are my own.

For more information and to find out what the books are about stop at my recent blog post here: https://kayleeskindofwrites20.com/2019/09/03/the-13-reasons-why-blog-tour-two-review-two-interviews/

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