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Book Review of You Belong with Me by Tari Faris

You Belong with Me (Restoring Heritage #1)

About: Small-town realtor Hannah Thornton has many talents–unfortunately, selling houses isn’t one of them. When a developer sets his sights on the historic homes in Heritage, Hannah turns to her best friend Luke for help. Will Luke risk his future and confront his past to help her succeed?





My Review of You Belong with Me by Tari Faris: I went into this book expecting a Hallmark like story and found not only that but one of the best books I have had the honor of reviewing this year. You Belong With Me (though a possessive title) is truly a wonderful romantic read that had ups and downs but ended sweetly. Filled with romance, cuteness, and love mixed with heritage and God’s love, two couples love and make misguided decisions that lead to lies and hurt. The hippo side of the story was silly and humorous with the mysterious moves. I can’t wait for the next book and “seeing” the town of Heritage again.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review and am truly happy to provide it.


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