Five Fall Favorites: Childhood Favorites!


Books, books, books! Come and find more books to read, some books to share, some to give as a gift, some to collect, and some to look for until you find and enjoy!

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Five Fall Favorites_ Real Heroes! (4)

These are old favorites that I have not read myself . . . My family read them when I was little, and these are books that I still love and am going to read again, I hope.

Ginger Pye (The Pyes, #1)Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes

Meet the marvelous Pyes—
There is Mrs. Pye, the youngest mother in town;
Mr. Pye, a famous bird man, who handles all the nation’s important bird problems;
Rachel Pye, who is so reasonable she can make unreasonable ideas sound like good ones;
Jerry Pye, who knows about rocks of all sorts and plans to grow up to be a rock man;
Uncle Bennie, who is Jerry and Rachel’s uncle—even though he’s only three years old.
Lastly is Ginger Pye, the “intellectual dog,” who Jerry bought for a hard-earned dollar. The most famous pup in all of Cranbury, Ginger knows tons of tricks, is as loyal as he is smart, and steals the hearts of everyone he meets . . . until someone steals him!

My Thoughts: Goodness, this would be the first book that I was worried about someone, even if it’s a dog, lol. This is such a great story and the cutest cover ever.

The Moffats (The Moffats, #1)

The Moffats by Eleanor Estes

Four Moffat children and a hard-working widowed mother live on New Dollar Street in Cranbury village. During kindergarten recess, one accidentally hitches a ride out of town on a boxcar. One winds up trapped in the breadbox outside the deli. One offers to escort a Salvation Army man to his destination – and accidentally bumps him from his horse-drawn wagon.


My Thoughts: The best family story in the world, truly! This is the greatest book for the whole family.


The Wheel on the School

The Wheel On The School by Meindert DeJong

Why do the storks no longer come to the little Dutch fishing village of Shora to nest? It was Lina, one of the six schoolchildren who first asked the question, and she set the others to wondering. And sometimes when you begin to wonder, you begin to make things happen. So the children set out to bring the storks back to Shora. The force of their vision put the whole village to work until at last the dream began to come true.

My Thoughts: My very favorite childhood favorite book! I loved this story and to me as a kid it was the very best book in the world!

The Christmas Doll by Elvira

The Christmas Doll

In a heartwarming novel that is destined to become a Christmas classic, acclaimed author Elvira Woodruff tells the story of two orphaned sisters whose lives are forever changed by a magical doll.

Lucy and Glory are orphaned sisters with no real place to call home. Only their memories of a beautiful doll named Morning Glory brighten their bleak lives. When a deadly fever sweeps through the workhouse where the girls live, Lucy and Glory flee to the mean streets of London.
One day the girls find an old battered doll that Glory senses is their beloved Morning Glory. But Morning Glory is no ordinary doll–the girls learn that she has magical powers that will change their lives in amazing ways.. With the help of the doll, the sisters discover the true meaning of the Christmas spirit.

My Thoughts: I am sharing two Christmas books today, I didn’t realize that at first but anyway. This is a sad and sweet little book perfect for anyone though boys may not enjoy it as much as a little girl who loves dolls.

Annika's Secret Wish

Annika’s Secret Wish by Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis’ wonderful picture book for families, Annika’s Secret Wish, is now reissued with an audio CD for read-along or listen-only pleasure. Evie’s roots contribute to the authenticity and warmth with which she narrates the story, including additional thoughts and feelings from Annika’s own perspective suggested by the artwork on each page. Music and sound effects will pique the imaginations of young and old alike This picture book with CD makes a cherished gift for families with children of all ages and will be enjoyed long after the Christmas season. The audio format is a great tool for early readers.

My Thoughts: This one I read myself so many times and it’s just a perfect book with wonderful values.


10 thoughts on “Five Fall Favorites: Childhood Favorites!

  1. I’ve only read “The Christmas Doll” but the other Christmas book sounds interesting.

    By the way, if anyone is looking, the Free book is on this page. Just click on the image that says “Five Fall Favorites: Childhood Favorites” and you will be taken right to it.


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