A Blog Tour, 3 Giveaways, and A Guest Post!


Thank you, Abigail, for joining the blog tour and for letting me guest post! It’s an honor!

Heyo everyone! I’m Libby, I’m 19, and I’m accomplishing my dream. Since I was a little girl, publishing my book was always a goal, a distant hope, and dream. And here I am. It’s done, written, and published tomorrow. I can’t believe it, and yet I completely totally do, because I know that I didn’t do it alone. God had been right alongside me in every single step of the process, clearing the path for me and guiding me. Writing and publishing this book has been one of the biggest learning experiences and I have learned more about God and His love for His children than I would have otherwise (He knows what He’s doing, right?)
Today I wanted to talk about the prodigal son. About Alex’s story. Rose is the main character of the book, as she is the girl the story revolves around, but there is a depth to Alex’s character and a point to his plotline.
Alex was loosely based on a very very good friend of mine. His story is based on… me?
In a way, I had gone through a point in my life (and go through it over and over) where I knew I was saved, but I had a hard time accepting forgiveness. Sin does that sometimes. I knew that I was a sinner and I would pray for forgiveness for a certain sin over and over, but I continued to sin. It would get to the point where I would hesitate to pray because I knew I would just do it again.
The story for Alex has changed a little since that version I think, but ultimately the point is that God always, repeatedly takes us back.
Just like Jesus’ story of the prodigal son, God is waiting and watching, wanting to welcome us home in a moment’s notice. Here’s a little journal entry I wrote down a couple days ago.

Poor, dirty, weary child, sitting in a pile of your own filth, sinking in a bog you filled for yourself, look up.
You are unworthy and undeserving, but there is a God who never once looked away, and every moment He reaches out His hand and says:
“Come. I will pull you out. Take my hand. Don’t worry about climbing out, don’t worry that your hands are dirty and foul and stained. Ask. I will wash you clean and cleanse you and give you new clothes. I promise to forget. It’s already been paid for.
“Let me guide and lead you.
“Child, you cannot save yourself in any manner, for if you could you would not need me. But I am waiting.
“I want you.
“I love you.
“Stop looking down at the filth. Stop believing I won’t keep you. I’m right here waiting.
“Stop refusing to repent because you know you will stumble again. I know you will. You will not shock me. I still want you.
“Reach to me. I will take you and wash you and love you. I will give you more than you can imagine. You are still mine. You will always be mine.”

He wants you girls. Even now.
1st John 1:9.
Amen and Amen.


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