12 Days of Christmas Blog Party: Favorite Songs This Time Of Year!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I’ve said that Read Review Rejoice is launching in January but I decided that there is nothing better than to give a sneak peek with a Christmas blog party, don’t ya agree?

Make sure to stop by Faith’s post here!

We’re having another 12DoC giveaway this year! There’s two prizes, although they’re both pretty much the same thing. Each winner will receive a paperback copy of Behold (by yours truly), a pair of fuzzy Christmas socks, a Christmas ornament, and a few other small goodies (magnet, candy, something like that).

This are all wonderful songs from some of my favorite artists/bands, and I hope you like them.

And since this is a blog about books I just have to share a book that has songs in the plot and one of the best mystery books that has a lot to do with songs . . . 24 Days Before Christmas by Rebekah Jones:

God Rest Ye Missing Gentleman…

Leland Bell is missing. Blood on the carpet, an absent vehicle, and vanishing fingerprints point to a sinister crime in tiny Poinsettia. The Singh and Winter families are just trying to celebrate Christmas with their friends, but their normal traditions are getting mixed up with murder investigations and police interviews. A dark shadow threatens the joy of the season and the townspeople find their trust in God shaken.

Each day brings a new Christmas carol for the families to memorize and revealing new clues to what could be a double murder.

Carols and crime, memories and mystery, doubters and danger – will there be a Merry Christmas after all?

Isn’t that a lovely cover? The blue and white in the adorable little town, so pretty!

And that’s all for today, I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with another Christmas post!

6 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Blog Party: Favorite Songs This Time Of Year!”

  1. I love most of these songs!! They are so good!! Some of my favorites are How Many Kings by DownHere, Oh What a Glorious Night by Sidewalk Prophets, Joy Unto the World by The Afters, and Join the Angels by Matthew West. I just love Christmas music!! I am super happy to see that you are previewing your website a bit early! 😉


    1. Me too, they are so good! I’ll have to check out the ones you mentioned. Though I know half the bands/artists, and have enjoyed their music. I love Christmas all year long, do you? Thank you, I hope you like the preview. 😀


  2. Currently reading that book right now!


  3. I absolutely love Noel & The Call of Christmas!!


    1. Me too … Aren’t they lovely!?

      Sorry, I just saw this, *eyeroll* I’m being too slow to learn the new site.


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