Volition by Chautona Havig

I’m hopingto finally get back to normal posting, so here goes!

Volition by Chautona Havig:

“I should have made that left turn at Tucumcari.”

It’s Doctor Who meets mail-order brides when “rescuers” from the future arrive to save Andi Flanders from a happy life with her loving family and fiancé.

Okay, so they meant to get her suicidal roommate, but hey. Mistakes happen, right?

And as far as Andi’s concerned, they can fix them—by sending her home.

However, when she learns what happens when she disappears from home, Andi has an impossible choice. Stay in the government-controlled futuristic world she despises and never see her family again or return to the twenty-first century and doom an innocent person to death.

Volition— Life and death decisions are so overrated.


Rarely do I read sci-fi — liked a few that I read.

Rarely do I read time-travel novels — like never.

Often I will read mail-order bride romances — love them.

Each of those in one story? I’ve never heard of it. Until Chautona Havig wrote a sci-fi romance. Hmm, the first thought to come to mind when I saw that she had written a sci-fi was “okay, that’s nice but not for me.” all right, a bit harsh, right?

Until last night at midnight I wanted to read something while falling asleep and I didn’t want to start the advance reader copy of The Land Beneath Us until this morning — The paperback came in the mail, I have to reread it! — and I wanted to read something I knew I liked, so I scrolled through Mrs. Havig’s Amazon author profile, ordered one of her paperbacks (a new Christmas one I haven’t read yet!) with a gift card (didn’t spend a dime! :D) but wanted to read something then and there.

Of course that led me to see her newest books, one of which was the one I scoffed at not a month before (and only for her will I say that… Any other author I’d be too kind, but I know she’ll understand and forgive me … I hope.) so I returned a book in my Kindle Unlimited library that I had yet to read, and dove into a book by my favorite author expecting little — staying up until around 3 in the morning. I’m regretting that now as I yawn, I should add, but this read was surprising.

Might I suggest you not judge a book by it’s genre? (Unless it’s horror or magical fantasy and then be careful as you run far away, just sayin’.)

I say that with all the conviction possible. Volition is a one of a kind.

The topics tackled in Volition were not quite what I expected, not that I expected much. The reasons Andi stayed were perfect and yet you get to see a character grow from the pained, anger, grieving person she is after making the choice to stay. There were a few places that are for more mature readers say 17/19 up but they were all innocent, and the ending was perfection.

While I don’t normally read sci-fi I do enjoy, recommend, and hope you will check out Volition. It is an intriguing book.

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