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Book Review of The Return by Lacey Strum!


It’s easy to go through days, weeks, even years on autopilot, moving from one activity to another, rarely taking the time to consider what it’s all for anyway. Why did God make us? What does he want us to do with the time he has given us? And how can we find out?
In her bestselling story-driven style, Christian rocker Lacey Sturm shares with readers the beautiful struggle of learning what one’s unique gifts are and pursuing them wholeheartedly. She helps them see each day as a gift from God, find balance in their busy lives, and discover the joy of giving God’s gifts back to him by using them to bring him glory.

Young people especially will love this openhanded and openhearted take on what to do with their lives, as will those who feel like they’ve been coasting or heading down the wrong path.



Interesting. Questioning. Passionate.
Lacey Strum’s The Return is filled with a passionate love for God, and others. I love the cover of this beautiful book, though getting it in the mail was unexpected due to signing up for a blind date with a book and not knowing what book I would get. I was pleasantly surprised at the pretty cover.

While I enjoyed this nonfiction, journal format-like story, and a good bit of the book I did not agree with several parts of Strum’s views (like being vegan and her reasons for it.) and that’s just my beliefs so yes, I recommend this book to mature Christians and those struggling with the same things the author struggled with I don’t believe this is for younger readers.

Recommendation: 18 up due to content: mentions of suicide, mentions of talking about how a man believes that God understands about him contiguously looking at porn and the author’s disagreement with him, and other mature subjects.

Rating: 3 stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and am truly happy to provide it.

About the author:

Lacey Sturm (née Mosley) is a mother, wife, writer, speaker, and musician. Originally the voice behind the platinum-selling international rock band Flyleaf, she is now a solo artist. But most of all, she is one of God’s works of art, and she wants others to know and understand how special, how beautiful, how kaleidoscopically wonderful we are all made. Lacey speaks for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its Rock the River events. She co-founded the Whosoever Movement and helped begin the RESET movement as one of their key speakers. — Goodreads


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