Have you read any of the AKA Simon Lee series? If not you must check out each of these books!


Lee is known as many things. A con artist, master thief and most times smarter than anyone else in the room. One thing he’ll never be, is normal. He never has been, nor will he ever be. That’s why the agency needs his help, and that’s why he’ll give it to them, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own plans too.
Joining up with the team that arrested him won’t be easy, but he’ll do anything to bring down the man who ruined his life. After he’s worn so many faces, how does he really know who he is underneath?

Most teenagers have hobbies, his is crime.



Trouble seems to follow Lee everywhere, even now that he’s not the Phantom Thief. After everything that had happened, he’d expected his life to finally calm down and for three months it did.
But when he’s left alone on Christmas Eve, things spiral out of control and he soon finds himself taken hostage alongside a little girl. Why have these men taken her? Lee doesn’t know, but he soon finds out.
These men are with the Underground and they don’t make idle threats. If he’s going to keep the girl safe, he’s going to have to use some old tricks.

Christmas is a time for new beginnings, but Lee’s having a hard time starting over. Does he need to forget everything he’s done, or learn from it?



When he faked his death, that was supposed to be the end of it. No more Phantom Thief. No more Guardian Eagle. No more Program. That is until Lee comes into possession of a thumb drive holding vital information. Now he has no choice but to do one last mission for the Program.

What was supposed to be a simple intel drop, turns to a deadly meeting when Underground agents show up in search of the drive. Pulled back into the world he’d thought he’d left behind, Lee must find a way to get the thumb drive into the right hands. All the while keeping himself and those around him safe. It won’t be easy, especially when another group of unknown agents shows up, knowing more about Lee than they should. Whoever said thumb drives couldn’t be life or death?

It’s a new year, with new players, but the game’s the same.



If you cause too many ripples, you’re bound to get noticed, even if people think you’re dead.
Lee must figure out what the Underground and Deadlock are up to, while staying off the radar of every agency who might be tracking his movements.

Lee knows what POTUS stands for and what a five-finger discount is. But what the heck is P.E.? Terrorists and criminal masterminds Lee can handle. Kids his own age? Not so much.

Plunged into an unfamiliar atmosphere called “high school,” Lee is at it again in his latest adventure, Murphy Lawson, book 3 in the AKA Simon Lee Series.



On the hunt for the only man who can clear his father’s name, Lee finds himself once again working with his old team in  London.

When someone Lee thought was dead shows back up in his life, things quickly spiral out of control. Lee finds himself questioning who he can trust and who’s telling the truth. Battling ghosts from his past, Lee realizes your past always affects your future.

From back alleys to thirty-thousand feet in the air, Lee must fight old enemies and new.

In this page-turning 4th installment of the Simon Lee series, join Lee as he navigates yet another espionage mission filled with twists and turns.

This novel is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more, as you scratch your head at Lee’s uncanny ability to dodge sticky situations.


I have personally read and enjoyed each of the books featured in this post, and my reviews are coming sometime this week.

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