Blog Tour of Jayne’s Endeavour by Lauren Compton!

Life in 19th century Australia overflows with hardship . . . Will Jayne have the courage to find the answers?

About the Book

Genre: Historical Christian Fiction
Page Count: 276
Age Range: 12-18
Series: Book 1 of The JOY Series

Mysterious strangers, a Scripture verse, and a threat.

“Reids never give up.” The words once held so much truth. But at eighteen, Jayne Reid is beginning to wonder if she can live up to that standard.

When puzzling strangers appear and odd things start to happen, Jayne and her two younger sisters must find a solution—or lose everything.

What mystery lurks in the shadows of the Australian bush? Who is the man in town who thinks he can buy and bully anyone he wishes? And is it all somehow connected to their new farmhand?

Journey with Jayne as she struggles to change fear into boldness and boldness into a trusting relationship with her Heavenly Father. What adventure lies ahead?

The JOY Series

The JOY Series follows three sisters on a quest to keep their parents’ legacy and dreams alive. Loaded with 19th century Australian adventure, it’s a series full of intrigue, adventure, and faith for ages 12 and up!

About the Author

Lauren Compton lives in Australia on a sheep farm—surrounded by mountains and plenty of Aussie wildlife! From a young age she has loved books and writing-related things (yep, that includes spending ages in the writing supplies department!). Now she has embarked on a mission to write books that both entertain AND encourage. Her desire is to weave stories that point readers to her Heavenly Father while at the same time being a whole lot of fun!

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Aussie Wildlife Fun!

Like any country, Australia is full of wildlife and plants that are unique! It was great fun being able to include some of these things in Jayne’s Endeavour, because even for me as Aussie, Australian Christian novels are hard to come by! 😀

I live on a sheep farm in the lower end of Australia, near a lovely mountain range. As a result there is a constant stream of God’s amazing creation all around me (as I’m writing this, I’m listening to the cries and screeches of a flock of cockatoos or corellas–a common sound in country Australia).

A pair of cockatoos!

In addition to having unique animals, we also have some unique names for common animals! 😀

Are any of you familiar with a jumbuck?! Or have you ever eaten a chook?! 😉

You might be surprised at the answer! 😀


A jumbuck is a very common sight in Australia . . . in fact we own a few hundred of them! Yep, that’s right! A jumbuck is Aussie slang for a sheep!


I used this term in my novel, then had to check to see if it was something international readers would be familiar with! Turns out, maybe not! A chook is just a very common name for a chicken!


This one might be more familiar to people. Australians are known for shortening everything, and this is no exception! A roo is the name we sometimes use to refer to an adult kangaroo. It can also be used in country areas as a way to say good-bye. We call out “hoo roo” which just means “see you later!” 😀 And a joey is a baby kanga (yep! I told you we liked to shorten names!).

Jayne’s pleasant thoughts of breakfast vanished as the stillness was shattered by the noise of something bounding through the underbrush. Her first thought was that it might be a mob of kangaroos, but the crashing sounded more like the noise of a horse in flight.

Jayne’s Endeavour

And then you have galahs. Now that really is their full name, but I had to include them in today’s post too! I personally really love galahs, so you may find that they have made their way into Jayne’s Endeavour! 😀

Though there isn’t any nickname for a galah that I’m aware of, it still has a bit of slang attached to it. If you ever visit Australia, you might hear someone being referred to as a “bit of a galah.” It’s not really a compliment, as it means that you’ve done something a bit silly or are known for acting silly.

So I could probably keep going, but I think I’d better stop there! 😉 I’d love to hear in the comments if any of these were already familiar to you!

6 thoughts on “Blog Tour of Jayne’s Endeavour by Lauren Compton!

  1. Loved hearing about Aussie wildlife! I was familiar with the names roo, joey, and kanga. And I figured a chook was a chicken even though I haven’t heard the name before. (I often come up with my own crazy names for common things. Chook just sounded fitting for chickens.) I kinda wonder how sheep came to be called jumbucks though…


    1. 😀 I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Natalie!! I had fun putting it together! And it’s interesting to hear which names you already knew. Good guess on the chook one! 😉 Yeah . . . I’m not really sure myself how that name came about or why it’s used!


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