Book Review of What Momma Left Behind by Cindy K. Sproles


Worie Dressar is 17 years old when influenza and typhoid ravage her Appalachian Mountain community in 1877, leaving behind a growing number of orphaned children with no way to care for themselves. Worie’s mother has been secretly feeding a number of these little ones on Sourwood Mountain. But when she dies suddenly, Worie is left to figure out why and how she was caring for them.

Plagued with two good-for-nothing brothers–one greedy and the other a drunkard–Worie fights to save her home and the orphaned children now in her begrudging care. Along the way, she will discover the beauty of unconditional love and the power of forgiveness as she cares for all of Momma’s children.

Storyteller and popular speaker Cindy K. Sproles pens a tender novel full of sacrifice, heartache, and courage in the face of overwhelming obstacles.



I was unsure what to expect from What Momma Left Behind since there are so many intriguing plotlines mentioned.

Getting in to the story, I quickly find so much more at work, there was so much mystery, so much pain, so much love, and yet every single plotline fell in to place with such easy that the whole book was a masterpiece. The relationship between Worie and each of the other characters was so sweet, except for the bad guy, of course.

My only concern with What Momma Left Behind was inappropriate content that bordered on rape, if you want details message me.

And the ending, awww, I loved it!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

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