The 777 Writing Challenge Tag!

I saw this tag over on my friend, Katja’s blog here at Little Blossoms For Jesus?!


1. Open your WIP to the seventh page.

2. Scroll past the seventh line.

3. Copy the next seven paragraphs and paste them on your blog for THE WORLD to read.

4. Tag seven people.

Well, I’m going with my main work in progress, which is Picture Like Faith!

“Of course, Brother, is something wrong?”

Heaving a breath, Liam nodded, “There was another attack…” Unable to meet his brother’s gaze he turned toward the window in front of the desk, “I am so sorry, brother, Micheal was the target and he…”

Leon’s eyes glazed over with shock, “I’m not sure I understand… My son is dead? Is that what you mean to tell me?” A growl followed by a crash as a book hit the wall. Spinning around Liam saw his brother reach for another book on his desk. Groaning, he hurried around the desk, catching the grieving man’s arms.

“Stop. Just stop, this won’t help!” He said, holding Leon’s arms against his side.

“Shhh,” a voice hist, opening his eyes the man in black gulped as pain ripped into his body, “It’ll be over soon.”

Fear flickered in the man’s heart, this wasn’t how it was supposed to be after the prince died … The prince dying was supposed to lead the country to war, and the truth was going to come out.

Dully he shook his head against the pain pulsing through his body and wondered how the prince had stood the pain as he did before dying.

Attempting to move was futile, he must be tied down he thought as he drifted once again into agonizingly pained sleep.

And who do I tag?

YOU!!! Anyone with a WIP.

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