A Rant about Rude Authors, Honesty, and Affairs in Fiction?

Note: I’m not saying all books with affairs are wrong. I’m just saying that ones that are filled to the top with focus on affairs, wrong thoughts, and immoral behavior are wrong.

 I. Don’t. Understand. One. Single. Bit.

Why may I ask do authors, publishers, and blogging companies ask for an HONEST review and then when that HONEST review is posted and just so happens to be under THREE stars they bach the reviewer.

I have standards. Like, and I’ll just list a few… I don’t lie, I don’t read books that are morally wrong, and I don’t RECOMMEND books with content that sickens me or makes me worry my siblings may pick up the book and find BAD content that is not right for them to read.

Like, say, books that mention affairs IN DETAIL. God is clear, oh so very clear that affairs are wrong BEFORE and AFTER marrying.

But, what is an affair, you ask?

Let’s see.

A (love) affair is when two people are in a romantic or sexual relationship when neither married or living together… Okay. Pretty simple, yes? No?

Check the dictionary here! Or … Pulled from the DICTIONARY: noun a romantic or sexual relationship between people, especially one that is OUTSIDE of marriage.

Now, what does God say on the matter? He says it is a sin to lust after someone in your heart.

It is simple. I am a Christian that follows His Word without lying, to the best of my abilities and knowledge I follow Him. (I’m not saying I don’t ever sin, because I do. And I do it often. Just like. EVERY. OTHER. PERSON.) But, what this does mean is that I do NOT read things contrary to what is … Philipans 4:8

If you aren’t interested in a HONEST review you are looking at the wrong person.

Because if you can’t take an honest review you are asking the wrong person to read your book.

Not to mention you should grow a skin because it is just embarrassing that you are going back on your word and aren’t accepting of an honest review just because it hurts your feelings.

Hmm, that reminds me… God’s Word can hurt, but what are you supposed to do? Read, live, and breathe HIS WORD. I only have standards that I find to be standards that GOD wants me to have, not to mention reading about a woman who wants to sleep with her husband’s best friend is just puke worthy.

And, please, be honest. *anybody reading that line and not hearing the princess bride* Do you want HONEST REVIEWS or do you want INSTANT RECOMMENDATIONS? You can only have one or the other though some reviews do have TRUE RECOMMENDATIONS!

And just a note, it hurts reviewers when authors bash them, and for every good reviewer there has been a bad book, if you truly think about it you could lose all reviews even from those reviews that you have loved to read.

Good night AND GOD BLESS,


P.S. If you have ever questioned a reviewer’s review and know you are in the wrong or you were ever unkind to a reviewer, I want you to do something. I want you to tell them you are sorry, I don’t care when or who it was, be kind and tell them you are sorry.


If you aren’t, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a truly wonderful author.




Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lustafterher hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. (KJV)

4 responses to “A Rant about Rude Authors, Honesty, and Affairs in Fiction?”

  1. UGH, this is the pits. I’m sorry this happened to you. I am so tired of authors like this. All “authors” that indulge in this practice should stop writing, in my opinion.


  2. As an author who has gotten some reviews that were not what I would have liked, I can say, hey! Leave the reviewers alone! They took the time to read your book. Be grateful! Be kind, give the benefit of the doubt! And if you don’t agree with their assessment, just ignore it. Their opinion matters too, just grow a thick skin and move on.

    Great post, Abby. Stand for righteousness!


  3. ^^ all this ^^
    Writing a book is risking people not liking it. Fairly or not. If you can’t handle that, don’t ask for reviews. I’m *all* for being protective of your stories, and this does not count.
    Like Ry said, keep standing. 🤗


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