Book Review of Five Geese Flying by Tracie Peterson


Branded a heretic and a witch for practicing medicine and consorting with a Jew, Jeanine De La Fontaine faces death by the hand of the man who was to have been her husband. Having rejected Antoine Colbert because of his distastful nature, Jeanine now knows the full extent of his revenge.

But Colbert will never have Jeanine’s heart—that honor belongs to Victor Pindar. Brought to Jeanine as an injured Englishman, Jeanine saves his life only to fall deeply in love with her patient. Now Victor must ride to her defense.

Can true love rise up to conquer against superstition and prejudice? Five geese flying stands as a symbol of hope between Jeanine and Victor, but only hope in God will see Jeanine delivered from certain death.

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Hmm, getting this book free from Amazon with a surprise credit was a nice surprise. I was also surprised at my lukewarm feelings toward this story. I started off enjoying it until the heroine started having feelings for the hero and she didn’t really know him. Uhhh, why? Yeah, not my cup of tea. I enjoyed some parts of Five Geese Flying though I have to say it is not the best, sadly.

Maybe others will enjoy it more than I, and I did like it somewhat just didn’t like it enough to truly enjoy it. And the whole plot felt … Weak? Not well thought out, developed, or have a good climax.

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