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Would You Rather: WWII Officer or Spy?

I had to do a WWII would you rather, don’t ya know?!

Would you rather be a officer during WWII like in … With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin?

With Every Letter (Wings of the Nightingale, #1)


Lt. Mellie Blake is looking forward to beginning her training as a flight nurse. She is not looking forward to writing a letter to a man she’s never met–even if it is anonymous and part of a morale-building program. Lt. Tom MacGilliver, an officer stationed in North Africa, welcomes the idea of an anonymous correspondence–he’s been trying to escape his infamous name for years.

As their letters crisscross the Atlantic, Tom and Mellie develop a unique friendship despite not knowing the other’s true identity. When both are transferred to Algeria, the two are poised to meet face-to-face for the first time. Will they overcome their fears and reveal who they are, or will their future be held hostage by their pasts?

Combining a flair for romance with excellent research and attention to detail, Sarah Sundin vividly brings to life the perilous challenges of WWII aviation, nursing–and true love.


Or would you rather be a spy like … A Question of Loyalty by Jesseca Wheaton?

A Question of Loyalty (Questions of War #3)


A Man. A Brother. A Traitor. The war has taken everything Micah Wilson has ever held dear, and with all his being he wishes he could do something to stop the heartache. But he often wonders if he’ll ever be able to move on after the war, or forget the brother who left six years before. How can God still have a plan, when it seems that the world around him is falling to pieces, to say nothing of his own heart? Ann Wilson has seen two brothers changed by the war. And she’s resolved to do something to stop the pain she sees in their eyes from becoming a reality for so many others. The world is on the brink of Normandy when her nursing unit is shipped to England and, while there, an unexpected encounter promises to change her own life . . . Forever. But it’s only the beginning. As the war in Europe rages on, Ann is caught in the crossfires. And when the unthinkable happens, she comes face to face with the evil of the Third Reich. Is it possible that the reality of it all is more deadly than even her worst nightmares? Erich Essler never questioned his duty to his country. All his life he’s struggled to live up to his father’s expectations, and bring honor to the Essler name. But when the man he thought of as his only friend turns out to be the enemy, he can no longer rid himself of the questions that continue to torment him. Is what he’s doing really honorable? And does he owe his loyalty to his country . . . Or a higher power?Freedom for Europe dawns on the distant horizon. But in the midst of the fight, four lives will be forever changed, and their loyalty to God and Country brought into question.


I know I would not want to be either of these myself though I would have supported them as much as I was able to do so.

Which would you rather?


4 responses to “Would You Rather: WWII Officer or Spy?”

  1. Why do I have to chooseee?? 😫 I honestly think I’d choose spy over officer… cause being responsible for a lot of other kids at a time you knew some of them would end up being killed… 💔


    1. I knew you wouldn’t like choosing… Yeah, I totally agree! It would be too hard as an officer…


  2. I’d go spy XD I couldn’t stand bossing people around XP


    1. Lol, that qouldn’t be my problem… 😂😜🤦‍♀️


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