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Book Review of Cloaked in Love!


Her only hope to escape an outlaw gang is to marry one of them.

With Pa off on a cattle drive, Jeannie Baylor is alone on their isolated Wyoming ranch. When she’s taken captive by a gang of ruthless outlaws, she realizes her virtue is in imminent danger, and her life is safe only as long as they need her house for a hideout.

Unexpectedly, the youngest outlaw, Zak Collins, a handsome man with bitterness in his stone gray-green eyes, proposes a fantastic scheme to save her life. Having no other choice, she has to trust Zak. But God gives her another way, and its success depends on the cloak she’s crocheting for a friend.

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Robbers? Romance? Rival robbers?
Cloaked in Love has robbers who hold a young lady hostage while hiding from a posse. Not the place to expect romance, usually.
Yet Elaine Manders shows that it is possible that at one time in history a young lady may have fallen in love with a young man who was attempting to protect her from the men who he worked with.
Likeable this is a romance not for young readers due to threats made against our heroine.


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