Personal Updates for August?!

I’m three days late with this post, oops! However, I have a good reason for this, (more on that coming the 19th.). (I did backdate it though, so it looks like it posted the right day…)

On the writing front I did pretty well, I hit 9,000 words in an old story. I also wrote miscellaneously while sprinting (mostly with Kassie from and Katja from both are such an encouragement!)

I’ve been buried in blogging all month long, and it has been a lot of fun to get all of these posts done, I am so glad that I’m back to regular posting.

This month’s giveaway winner is… Lilly! Please email me at or message me at the sidebar, I will get your ebook to you right away!

Next month is going to have a lot of fun posts, and I’ll be sharing a project I’ve been working on and a chance to review a friend’s book that I am so very excited about!

I really am not doing well at this personal update thing, am I?

Maybe having goals would make this a more interesting blog post?

So, my goals for September are…

  • read 5-10 books
  • write 5,000 words
  • share about the secret project
  • schedule the rest of my posts for 2020
  • make a plan for Instagram posting
  • decide if I’m doing Inktober

What are your goals for September?

In “real life” things were a lot sweeter, my family took day trip up to TN (where we aren’t yelled at for not wearing masks for medical reasons, or unable to go in stores.)

The night-long drive was wonderful, (all drives over an hour are my favorite,) and a sibling sleeping on each shoulder is a better pillow than most. On the way back home we stopped at an awesome state park we’d never heard of before… Now, I want to go back and stay! It was so beautiful and even though we left when it started to rain it was awesome, and my bro’s attempts to dunk me in the river were not success which was a plus. I would love to go back to the Hungry Mother state park someday, soon!

What were your favorite blog posts this month?!

Be on the lookout for this coming month’s posts, I’ve had a lot of fun setting them up.

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