Cover Reveal: The Lady of Lanaria!


Hi everyone! Today I have a cover reveal to share. This is for an upcoming novel titled The Lady of Lanaria, which is a “Rapunzel” x “The Lady of Shalott” fairytale mashup written by Michaela Bush.  It’s a clean Christian historical fantasy, which will arrive November 2020!  

If you want to stay updated on The Lady of Lanaria, follow the author on Instagram HERE.  


A kidnapped princess, a promise, and a kingdom cursed with mysterious plagues…
“Mark my words, Evangeline; if you set foot outside this tower, you will surely die.”

Evangeline has spent her entire life hidden in an ancient watchtower, gazing through a window as the world passes her by.  She heeds her mother’s warning closely, the truth hidden from her always. 

When a young guard stumbles upon the tower, Evangeline’s life is changed forever.  As she strikes up a secret friendship with the guard, she learns about the Kingdom of Lanaria and the mysterious plagues that haunt all who live there.  But as she delves into the world she barely knows, not everything her mother says adds up.  Will they find the truth before it’s too late?

The Lady of Lanaria arrives November 2020.

Sound good?  Now…for the moment you’ve been waiting for…the cover itself!

Are you looking forward to reading this book?  

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