Blog Tour of Hearts on Lonely Mountains by A.M Heath

It is a lot of fun to have A.M. Heath stopping by today with a bit of bonus content!

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What is your biggest fear?

Being alone in the world. Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to face those fears, and they were every bit as challenging as I thought they’d be.

What is your favorite book?

Oh, that’s easy! Persuasion by Jane Austen. There’s nothing more romantic than the letter Captain Wentworth pens Anne. I hope and pray to have a fella who would say such things to me someday.

What was the hardest thing about relocating?

I was thrilled to meet new people, and looked forward to a grand adventure. But I found the hardest part was how permanent the move was. When things didn’t go so well, I couldn’t simply turn around and head home. It would take days to get a word to my folks and days for them to respond to me. I hadn’t been used to having to wait so long to talk to my mom or visit a friend.

Are there any superstitions that you unknowingly support?

Golly, I would have said none, but as I got to thinking something occurred to me. A superstition is often something someone sets a pattern to. They figure that since particular things were aligned and an outcome was produced that it guaranteed the same outcome every time the same details were aligned again. Right? Well, I suppose that’s about how I felt after the folks in town started shunning me. I just assumed from there on out that I’d always get the same response. It took a good friend showing me that you have to a give a person another chance to prove it wrong.

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