How I’m Celebrating My Birthday: A Giveaway and a CHALLENGE!!!

Hey everybody!

I finally figured out what we’re doing for my birthday, my blog birthday, and my bookstgram birthday … And that is…













How to enter?! There are THREE ways to enter!

Bookstgrammers can go HERE to find out how to enter!

Readers can enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now, bloggers can enter by using the prompts and posting about a book that fits each prompt in the image below. Tagging, mentioning, or linking to this blog post and sending me a link to each post by commenting below! Each post is an entry, you can post in whatever order you want to!

You can enter one, two, or even all three ways to enter the giveaway!

The books featured in the giveaway are from authors… (Not all books linked to are in the giveaway however each of the authors is giving a book, some just have not decided which book and/or format or the book is not yet out, the majority are linked to the right book though… More to come on that closer to the end of the giveaway.)

Erika Mathews,

Katja Labonté,

Kellyn Roth,

Tara Grace Ericson,

Sarah Monzon,

Gina Holder,

P.D. Atkerson,

Sarah Holman,

Michaela Bush,

Angie Thompson,

Rebekah Morris,

Rebekah Jones,

Eliza Noel,

Leah E. Good,

Abigayle Claire,

Allison Tebo,

Kassie Angle,

Kate Willis,

and one to be decided!

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