Monthly Interview with Courtney Lyman!

Hey everybody, I am super excited to be sharing an interview with Courtney Lyman!!

Courtney Lyman

About Courtney!

Courtney Lyman lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, their three children, and two cats. She is the author of the KW Consulting series, the Holliday Hotel series, as well as a few Christmas novellas. She stays busy with her family’s activities, her ministries at church, and in whatever time is left, knitting, singing, and playing games.

How do you develop your characters?

My characters develop a lot in day dreams. It’s kind of strange. They begin very vague and then start putting on more flesh. Then they develop even more as I begin to write them down.

Should I listen to your book while running or read it while stretching?

None of my books are audio books yet, so I guess you’d read it while you stretch.

If you lost your memory do you think you would still write?

I think I would because sometimes it feels like I have to get the stories out. Sometimes I call writing my expensive hobby because I have yet to make as much as I spend on my books, but I can’t stop. God has given me these stories, and I’m not always sure why, but I have to keep going.

If you were given an exotic pet (think more of an animal that should be in the zoo. ;)) what would you do with it? Would you keep it? Send it to a zoo? Or study it for writing research?

I’m a sucker for animals! I’m going to assume it’s an animal that’s not going to kill me just so that I can say I would keep it. Once at our zoo we had some red pandas on loan and we went a few days before they were going to be moved back to their zoo. A zookeeper went into their enclosure and was getting them used to their crates by giving them treats and they were so adorable! I thought then that they could probably be domesticated. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

What was the first story you completed?

My first story was Best Laid Plans. It’s about a wedding planner who had to plan her high school sweetheart’s wedding. The scariest thing I have ever done was publish it. I was putting my work out there for anybody to read – and review! I had spent years on it (it’s my shortest work, but it took me the longest to write) and knowing it could be hated and criticized was terrifying, but I’m glad I took the risk.

What is your favorite flavor of coffee or tea when you are writing?

I can’t have caffeine because of a heart condition so I enjoy decaf English breakfast tea or a rooibos tea.

Of your published books which is your favorite? And why/what makes it your favorite?

Oh that’s such a hard question! I love my Holliday Hotel series but it’s hard to pick one of them that is my favorite. I think I’ll go with “The 12 Dates of Christmas”. It was one that the idea came on me suddenly and I knew I had to write it. It has a bunch of quirky, fun characters that I had so much fun creating and naming and developing. The story itself was fun to write, too, so I think it has a special place for me.

I hope you enjoyed the interview, I know I did!

Make sure to check out Courtney’s books here!

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