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Book Review of A Good Summer by Rebekah Morris


Mystery shimmers in the summer air…

Mr. and Mrs. Cutlass are anticipating a hot, dull summer on the ranch, but when their niece and nephew arrive from the city with a young guest, all fear of dullness evaporates. The children are charmed with ranch life and intrigued by the mysterious recurring puddle under the pump and some strange findings in the hayloft. Will they discover a friend or an enemy at the end of the trail?

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This is a cute short (short) story, perfect for younger readers who are starting on books without pictures. With a hint of mystery for all ages.


2 responses to “Book Review of A Good Summer by Rebekah Morris”

  1. I enjoyed this short story.


    1. Me too! I didn’t really like short stories before I read indie ones.


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