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Birthday Party Kick Off!!!

Guys, have you entered the giveaway yet?!

You really should!

It has more than 19 INDIE books!

And they are such good books, I’ve read nearly all of them and they are just so good!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There’s just a week till my birthday and the blog “party” launches now with just a simple reminder to enter the giveaway, get ready for fun posts, and look forward to seeing the giveaway winner next week! You could be the winner if you enter!

The books up for grabs are from the following authors…

Erika Mathews,

Katja Labonté,

Kellyn Roth,

Tara Grace Ericson,

Sarah Monzon,

Gina Holder,

P.D. Atkerson,

Sarah Holman,

Michaela Bush,

Angie Thompson,

Rebekah Morris,

Rebekah Jones,

Eliza Noel,

Leah E. Good,

Abigayle Claire,

Allison Tebo,

Kassie Angle,

Kate Willis,

Ellen Senechal

*Note* nearly all of these books are appropriate for 16 up, however, there are some I haven’t read and can’t say they are good for all ages.

Thanks so much for joining me, I hope you have as much fun this week as I do!


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