Limited Edition: A Very Bookish Thanksgiving by Bryant, Holman, Jones, Pennington, and Tero


Five stories.
Five book-lovers.
Five Thanksgiving novellas inspired by five classics.

This is a limited-edition novella collection with contributions by five different authors.

The Promise of Acorns ~ Kelsey Bryant
Erin Moore is a nanny whose strained relationship with Thanksgiving becomes even more complicated when her new employer asks her to teach his grandchildren about the holiday. The results surprise them both. Inspired by Jane Eyre,

As Long as I Belong ~ Sarah Holman
Young Analise Marshell has always felt like she straddles two worlds, like Jane Austen’s Fanny Price. Yet, near Thanksgiving, she faces the fact she might soon not belong anywhere at all. Inspired by Mansfield Park.

The Windles and the Lost Boy ~ Rebekah Jones
All Lost Boys could find refuge with Patrick Quill. Jeremy might do the same – if he could find him and if Patrick is real. Inspired by Peter Pan

Grand Intentions ~ J. Grace Pennington
Pippa has always dreamed of being a great novelist, but between her job and helping her mom raise her three younger brothers, she never seems to be able to write. So when her grandmother offers her a few months away with all the time she could wish for, she’s sure to write the story she’s always dreamed of — or does her problem run deeper than she thinks? Inspired by Great Expectations.

A Fine Day Tomorrow ~ Amanda Tero
Essie March never planned to do much with her life, being the sickly one of the family. And just as she starts to pursue her dream of nursing, it seems that everything stands in her way to prevent it. Inspired by Little Women. 


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  1. I can’t wait to read this!

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