31 Christmas Reviews in 31 Days: Once Upon A Christmas by Amanda Tru

This is a powerful and unexpected read! What book surprised you with a powerful message?

If I only see you once…

When her flight home is canceled a few days before Christmas, Moe Scott spontaneously agrees to spend a few hours sight-seeing with a fellow passenger. At the time, she doesn’t know the moments with James will change her life, nor does she know that before her plane takes off the next morning, she will turn around to find James gone.

With no way to contact him, Moe returns home only to lose everything before the new year dawns. Completely alone, jobless, and faced with the news that she is going blind, Moe remembers her time with James and clings to the idea of embracing the moments of vision she has left.

When opportunities for love and friendship come in the most unexpected places, Moe faces the choice of whether to continue to wait for the man who changed her life.

Will Moe and James ever find each other again? Can she learn to appreciate the beauty in each moment God provides and inspire those beyond her own darkness, even if she never sees again?

A once upon a Christmas inspires her story. Her ever after changes the world.

Please note: Books in “The Christmas Card” series are completely independent and stand alone. They do not share any of the same characters and can be read in any order. Their similar style and inspirational message within a heart-warming Christmas romance makes each book a beloved reader favorite.

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This story is a.m.a.z.I.n.g. purely amazing.

Just wow!

The emotion, the learning, the lesson, the faith, hope, love, and joy, they all wrapped into a masterpiece.

I got this book on kindle unlimited on a whim after seeing the author share it on her social media, I wasn’t sure what I was starting but a miracle filled story that points to an excellence in a shorter story that is not to be missed.

Please, do yourself a favor and read this tear jerker… It is the second book to have made me cry this year.

This is not a normal story, I can tell you that!

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