How to Build a Personal/Home Library without Breaking the Bank!

I actually posted this one my MeWe account before now but I thought it might be helpful to you too!

How many books do you have in your home library to be read? And, do you know it is super easy to build a personal/home library?!

I broke down my personal paperback/hardback library to see what I have and came up with this.

Non-fiction: 4
Classics: 6
Fiction: 83
Other languages: 2
Writing non-fiction: 7
Middle grade/YA: 14
WWII fiction/non-fiction: 16
To review: 24
Indie/self-pub/small pub: 16

Equals: 172

Most of these are books I got in a thrift store in the past two years, a couple of giveaway wins, trading with friends, ordered many from Thriftbooks, some I picked up in a free bookstore, grabbed a few from an independent bookstore, a couple that I was gifted, and a few I bought, plus some friends’ books I bought.

The average price I’ve spent on these books?! Three dollars!

I’ve gotten nearly half of these books from the thrift store for $3, thrift stores often have books for $0.50, $1.00, and $2.50.

Trading books with friends costs about $3.00 for shipping and talking about books we both enjoy is free plus lots of fun!

There is a free book store I went to and got 20 of the fictions I own, do you have one in your area because it was a fun experience!

Thriftbooks is amazing for getting the WWII fiction/non-fiction I am always looking for and they will replace books that aren’t in the condition they were said to be, I often find older books that aren’t being published anymore from Thriftbooks. Plus they have a wonderful rewards program! (Make an account for the best online bookstore here:

I also got bout 5 books from a reward program that Tyndale has! You can use my link and join here: It is super easy and they have some fun things that you can share to earn points.

Giveaways are always a lot of fun to enter, it helps the person who is running the giveaway, and all of the ways you can enter are always helpful to you, the author, and other readers who can connect with new to them authors!

The indie books I own are the ones that I’ve bought for more than $5, but they are worth the $8 or $10 that I’ve spent. Indie books are the only ones I have spent full price unless it is a book I really really want to read AND trust the author.

How many paperbacks or hardbacks do you have in your library? And what your favorite ways to build up your personal library while still supporting authors?!

5 thoughts on “How to Build a Personal/Home Library without Breaking the Bank!

    1. Yay!!! I just got another book from them last night. I have seen some books come and go but the ones up have been on here for awhile.

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