Wednesday Updates!

Hey! We’re going to be going to go spur of the moment for Wednesdays…

So, I’ll be sharing…

  1. Some friends’ books.
  2. Current reads.
  3. Some posts to check out.
  4. And a few pre-orders you need to get!

I’ve been writing again and that means I have been talking about books with friends so that is lots of fun, and I thought I should share some of their books!

One is a series I am beta reading, and I just finished by the lovely Katja H. Labonté, I just love her old style writing and hope you’ll check out her blog here: Little Blossoms For Jesus

Her books are pure GOLD! And may be published on her blog sometime soon.

The Colour Red (The Colours of Life #1; The Chronicles of Kalsyia #6)

“Maybe,” he whispered, “red can be a beautiful colour, after all.”
Twelve-year-old Jay hates and fears the colour red. To him, it represents the murders of his parents and the menacing danger that surrounds him in the cutthroat criminal-controlled section of Kalsyia’s biggest city. He also intensely fears the police, having witnessed an incident of brutality. Life for him is one eternal round of fear and anxiety.
When a traumatic event occurs involving his adored older brother and a red pickup truck, Jay finds an additional reason to hate the colour red. And when he is attacked, accidentally runs into a group of policemen, and is caught, Jay is certain that death is imminent. But to his astonishment, he is instead freed and placed in a foster family.
Officer Randall was one of the officers who caught him, but he is kind and understanding, and his wife is very sweet. But Jay still fears them and is hesitant to allow them into his heart. And he is particularly afraid of the Randalls’ adopted son, Orlando, who vividly reminds Jay of his worst abuser.
But as time stretches on, and Jay gets to know the Randalls and Orlando better, he begins to wonder… perhaps not everyone and everything is the same. Can he learn to love and trust these people, in spite of what similar persons did? Can the colour red come to mean more than death and danger?


And another friends’ books are on my TBR pile, the sweet Ryana Lynn Miller! You can order her books here: Life of Heritage


The Land of Cotton is a story of two strong wills: the will of man and the will of God. Watch how each is played out in hearts and lives both on and off the battlefield.
“You mean to tell me that you plan to lead part of this family into this rebellion? Don’t think that this only affects you, Silas. You married my daughter and this affects all of us!”
Join the Masons, an ordinary family living during an extraordinary time in our nation’s history, the Civil War. See them challenged to do some extraordinary things while seeking the will of God. Read History on almost every page as the Masons realize God has a time for everything…even war! (Ecclesiastes 3:8)
This book that the whole family will enjoy has a two-fold challenge in it: meet the Savior and know Him well, and study your history and know it well.

You’ll Learn About:

  • Ft. Sumter
  • Secession
  • First Manassas
  • Home Front
  • Camp Life
  • Divided Family


And last but very much not least Kassie Angle’s books because she’s just awesome and has THE BEST books EVERY. Grab the ebooks here:

Tattered Wings

Some scars can’t be seen. And some can’t be hidden.

Layla Trent’s life is pretty much perfect, except for the little matter of a dog of her own—and maybe a brother. So why does a random nightmare of a princess dress, a hospital, and a stranger who’s definitely not her daddy feel more like an aching wound? And can a broken, glassy-eyed puppy somehow help her release the pain she didn’t even know she was carrying?

Corporal Andrew Reyes has proven he has what it takes to be the best—a US Army Ranger. But when a double tragedy rocks his world, his resolve is shaken to the core. What’s left for a man to live for when he’s lost everything he ever wanted to be? And is the sudden appearance of a teenage girl with a three-legged therapy dog a cruel joke or a divine appointment?

Some scars can’t be hidden. But some don’t need to be.


I am still reading these books… Or trying to read them since I haven’t been reading as much as normal. In this case a reading slump is a good thing as I am busy writing!

And I’ve added these books to my pile of currently reading…

What are you currently reading?!

I am trying to be more intentional about reading blogs, which I had fallen behind on in 2020…

Some of the posts I’ve liked lately are…

22 Tips to Read More (& How to Avoid Slumps)

2020 Bookish Recap (I really need to read the books on this list that I haven’t yet!)

And those are actually the only ones I have to share right now.

Books you MUST pre-order!!! I’ve had most of these on my TBR a while and I read Toni Shiloh’s which was wonderful!

Do you pre-order books? What’s the last book you pre-ordered?!

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      Oooh, I so need to read Modern Warriors! I have Miss Fanny's Hope Chest waiting on my laptop.


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