Spotlight: O To Be Like Thee by Kassie Angle

“But four years ago I had never known what it was to depend on God to save a soldier’s life because I had never known what it was to be completely powerless in your own strength and knowledge, no matter how much you knew. I had never known what it was to see God’s goodness through the most difficult of circumstances. I had never known that to truly be brave, you must trust the Lord, because I had never been asked to truly be brave.”

Corey Schreiber didn’t want to learn those things—not like he did, anyway. It’s hard enough to deploy back-to-back without your friends—or you—becoming part of the casualties. Corey can learn pretty quickly to trust the Lord on the battlefield. Will he trust God with his broken heart?

This is a military novel written by a daughter of a vet who is gifted in research. You will find that she compels your attention throughout the 300+ pages as she exalts Christ. Vets, family of vets, first responders, and anyone who is a patriot will lose themselves in this story.

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4 responses to “Spotlight: O To Be Like Thee by Kassie Angle”

  1. One of my top 5 favorite books…

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    1. Yeah!! And, it totally deserves it too!

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